Posted On: 04/13/19 9:45 AM

Below is a list of the post scorers who impressed me the most during the Friday evening sessions at Manual High School in Denver, Colorado. Players listed are among the athletes I was able to watch, exclusively:

Cole Saunders 2022 Utah Force combo

The conversation starts with a player who I couldn’t quite define as a “post,” as he was really more a swingman, but he certainly showcased his post scoring abilities on multiple occasions. I was impressed by the versatility of Saunders as he scored in the paint with his 6-foot-2-inch frame thanks to supreme footwork and toughness. Still, he was able to score from the perimeter and on the fast-break thanks to speed and strength. Saunders is really one of the most talented, versatile athletes in this division.

Porter Nielson 2022 Utah Force post

Nielson was, as Dan Patrick would like to call it, el fuego  on Friday night as he lit up the opposing forwards with his footwork and craftiness with the ball. Nielson, at 6-foot-4-inches, has tenacity, skill, iQ and size on his side and can make a big difference for a team as a true post with speed. He was determined to get his bucket.

Austin Appiah 2022 Colorado Miners Black forward

I’m certainly not an expert on evaluating post talent, but I think that the ability to score through the fouls and draw the and-one play is a valuable skill for inside players. If you’re looking for a guy who can do that, look no further than Austin Appiah. He drew the foul and finished the shot with contact on multiple occasions. He was relentless in the paint and great at getting open. At just 6-foot-even, you may not expect Appiah to leave such a fingerprint on the inside game, but he certainly made his presence felt on Friday night.

Luke Hutto 2022 West Slope Point forward

I was firmly impressed by the scoring abilities of Montrose High School standout Luke Hutton on Friday night as he had some of the best footwork and finishing skills in the paint that I saw Friday night. In a 20-point rout, Hutton’s was the go-to guy down-under for his team and made the block his show as he tormented opposing defenders.

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