Posted On: 04/13/19 9:55 AM

Below is a list of the most talented ball-handlers in the 15U division from the Friday evening session at Manual High School in Denver Colorado. The players listed are among the players I was able to watch, exclusively:

Tayshaun Tramel 2023 Utah Force point guard

Tayshaun Tramel was successful when creating his own shot from his handles. He is a very smooth, crafty ball-handler and is efficient when utilizing both hands with his crossover, step-back, and other moves. He makes separation look almost effortless and can sink the shot once he creates space.

Alex Arrtola 2022 Mile High Centennials wing

I wasn’t expecting to have the ability to create the mid-range shot like he did, but alas, he proved me wrong. He had almost post-like skill set as he could penetrate and sink the shot from the awkward spots under the arc.

Tyrele Wake 2022 Colorado Miners black guard

Tyrele Wake could create his own shot and create plays for others thanks to honed ball-handling skills. He only needed a few inches of separation to knock down the shot despite his smaller frame. He was certainly the playmaker for his team as he got through traffic and sped by defenders before they could even think to recover.

Donovan Maestas 2022 West Slope Elite point guard

Donovan Maestas impressed with handling the ball against the full court press. He brought the ball up all Friday evening and had to deal with defenders playing him closely. Maestas was still able to draw the foul, however, and create plays out of the dribble for hisself and for teammates.

Trey Reese 2022 West Slope Elite guard

Trey Reese impressed in a similar manner to his teammate Maestas, with creating separation against adherent, on-ball defenders. Reese is really developed in this area and appears to spend a lot of off-time working on his crossover and familiarizing both hands with blow-by moves.

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