Posted On: 04/13/19 9:29 AM

Below is a list of the 15U guards who made the biggest difference for their respective team in the passing game. Players listed are among the players I was able to watch, exclusively:

Tayshaun Tramel 2023 Utah Force point guard

Equipped with a trio of talented posts and a handful of backcourt scoring champions, Tayshaun Tramel utilized his opportunities to the best of his ability Friday night by dishing off smart passes about his teammates and distributing the ball quickly. Tramel’s handles were instrumental as he could keep the ball in his team’s hands while finding the play in motion.

Jayden Washington 2022 Mile High Centennials guard

Jayden Washington was really, really good at finding the cutter on the inside play. His anticipatory skills genuinely benefitted his team and generated scoring as his basketball iQ was elite. Though the inside play was not supremely available on every play, his constant reinforcement certainly concentrated the defense to the inside and allowed the outside play to develop.

Darius Henderson 2022 Utah Premier Select guard

Darius Henderson had a smile on his face all night as he participated in sessions of joyful banter with his teammates regularly. I believe this was a nod to the chemistry he had with his guys. Henderson has a slightly taller frame for a point guard at 6-foot-2-inches. These factors played a part in his ability to distribute the ball amongst his teammates and make plays. He is a fast, athletic player who showcased the ability to make plays in motion and could make the flashy pass occasionally, as well.

Tyrele Wake 2022 Colorado Miners Black point guard

Tyrele Wake, despite his team taking a tough loss, showcased elite abilities across the floor Friday night, particularly in the area of passing. Wake has great handles and plays controlled. Standing at just 5-foot-7, Wake’s height disadvantage did not play a role in his game as he was able to make a real difference in the scoring game for his team.

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