Posted On: 04/14/19 1:46 AM

Below is a list of the Oklahoma players, in no particular order, who impressed me to the highest degree during the Saturday session of the Spring Kickoff in Denver, Colorado. Note that players listed were chosen out of players I was able to watch in person, exclusively:

Traejon Davis 2020 Team Buddy Buckets wing

  • Inside scorer
  • Mid-range
  • Transition playmaker

Traejon Davis was as valuable for Buddy Buckets as any individual in 17U today as he generated 30 points in its first matchup of the day. Davis was more resigned to taking the mid-range shot Saturday, but he was so efficient that defenses couldn’t bank on him missing the tough shots. Davis was fantastic at finding open spots in the defense, catching the pass and squaring up for the shot. He also wowed spectators with his playmaking in transition as he was almost always the guy benefitting from the down-floor pass and finishing the shot with defenders in his business. He only exposed his name on Saturday.

Micah Sinor 2020 Deer Creek/Oklahoma Eagles wing

  • Mr. Everything
  • Hustler

Micah Sinor fell under the radar in his junior season at Deer Creek as he battled injury, but his performance on Saturday definitely depicted that he can play the game at a high level. Sinor was doing everything for the Oklahoma Eagles: rebounding, scoring, handling the ball, setting the off-ball screen, etc. He’s really smooth and moves fluidly with the ball in his hands at the perimeter, but is quick to attack all-in-the-same. His taller frame helped him at scoring inside over defenders.

Caden Hale 2020 Metro Christian/Tulsa Hawks point guard (pictured above)

  • Floor general
  • Rebounder
  • Full-court playground

Caden Hale represented the 918 as one of the most intelligent basketball minds in his age division on Saturday. His passing is consistently on point, especially in transition as he always looks for the down-floor play on the rebound. Hale also notched 12 points in an overtime loss during the Saturday evening session, proving that he can just as easily get his own.

CJ Campbell 2020 Edmond Memorial/Oklahoma Eagles guard

  • Playmaker
  • Scoring guard
  • Shooter

CJ Campbell is primed for a big senior year at Edmond Memorial, and his performance Saturday showed that he is taking zero reps for granted on the journey. Campbell was doing everything in the scoring game for Memorial, including drawing the foul that led to the game-winning free throw against Tulsa Hawks in the evening session. Campbell is an attack-first point guard who can knock down the shot from anywhere on the floor out of the dribble as his quick feet and lateral quickness are usually too much for opposing defenders to handle. The 3-ball was prime for Campbell on Saturday, also.

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