Posted On: 04/14/19 1:41 AM

Below is a list of the Oklahoma players, in no particular order, who impressed me to the highest degree during the Saturday session of the Spring Kickoff in Denver, Colorado. Note that players listed were chosen out of players I was able to watch in person, exclusively:

KD Jolly 2020 Putnam City/Team Buddy Buckets point guard (pictured above)

  • On-ball defender
  • Shooter
  • Floor general

KD Jolly was just leading the Putnam City Pirates on an improbable run to the 6A State Tournament just over a month ago, but he already looks like a new creation as he was a pivotal force for the Buddy Buckets 17s. Five-foot-9-inch Kendural “KD” is a ferocious ball-handler who makes plays for his teammates with eyes-in-the-back of his head-type consistency as he flicks the ball about his black, white and gold mafia. Off-ball, Jolly is a great shooter from long range and can knock down a few deep 3s a game to keep defenders honest. Defensively, he may be the best show-stopper I have seen at this level. Jolly’s on-ball skills were uncanny Saturday as even the most touted ball-handlers found his grips impassible.

Jalyn Todd 2020 Deer Creek/Oklahoma Eagles forward

  • Rebounder
  • Scorer

Antler big man Jalyn Todd packed the post skills he used to torment opposing players in 6A on the trip to Denver this weekend, and Saturday he displayed his best gifts. Todd has elite, practiced and diligent footwork in the post, but doesn’t have to resign to the inside game to have an impact. Todd can score the basketball from the mid- to long-range almost as efficiently as he can from the paint, a skill he has certainly developed and enhanced this offseason. He was both a scoring and a rebounding machine Saturday night. 

Dalante Shannon 2021 Edmond North/Team Buddy Buckets guard

  • Finisher
  • Ball-handler

Dalante Shannon must still be hungry as his sophomore year at Edmond North comes to a close. Shannon showcased his elite scoring abilities on Saturday, especially with the ball in his hands at the wing. Shannon is among the best drivers in this age division thanks to his ball-handling and finishing skills. Shannon is almost flawless with either hand and can drain some pretty unbelievable shots when he blows by defenders.

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