Posted On: 04/13/19 5:33 PM

Below is a list of the players in the 17U bracket of the Spring Kickoff in Denver, Colorado who stood out to me during the Saturday afternoon session. The list is restricted to players I was able to watch in person, exclusively:

Sekou Toure 2019 Colorado Mayhem *unsigned* point guard 

  • Scoring guard
  • Floor general

Sekou Toure, a 6-foot-even one guard from Eaglecrest High School, plays a gear above the competition and can blow by just about anybody from the dribble. His acceleration is next-to-none and his footwork is uncanny, but his control at speed is his best skill, as he keeps the ball to hisself and can make accurate, crisp passes in motion. Toure can also score the ball out of the dribble and get to the rim and finish.

Darrian Leu-Pierre 2019 Colorado Mayhem *unsigned* wing

  • Scoring guard
  • Explosive

Darrian Leu-Pierre was the go-to lob guy for Colorado Mayhem’s unsigned team. That’s because he was one of the best athletes on the floor Saturday evening. Leu-Pierre was getting buckets all over the defense thanks to his hops and finesse with the ball.

Traejon Davis 2020 Team Buddy Buckets (OK) wing

  • Swingman
  • Explosive

Traejon Davis contributed 30 points in a big win for the Team Buddy Buckets incoming senior group. Davis, a 6-foot-6 stretch, is a versatile, multi-talented scorer who can dominate in the mid-range game and stretch the floor with the long-range game. Davis is an explosive, bouncy athlete with a developed and practiced shot, and he can tally up the scoring books with his name.

Jordan Thompson 2020 Team Buddy Buckets (OK) point guard

  • Volume shooter
  • Deep-range shooter
  • Floor general

Jordan “JT” Thompson is an elite shooter, through-and-through, and racked up the 3-ball on Saturday afternoon as he benefitted from inside dominance by his teammates. Thompson is lethal from deep-range and has the ability to hit a bunch of 3-pointers every time he steps on the floor.


Joe Stubbs 2020 Team Speights (FL) Wing

  • Bouncy Athlete
  • Good basketball IQ 
  • Great form jumper

Stubbs is constantly pushing the ball on the break when given opportunities. The high basketball IQ of Stubbs showed through early Saturday with him making great decisions with the ball in his hands. Stubbs is going to be a guy colleges like for all of the intangibles he brings to the table. 


Eric Lee 2020 Team Speights (FL) Wing

  • Great speed
  • Change of pace 
  • Footwork

The footwork and speed of Lee made him tough for defenders to keep up with on the Wing. What really stood out was the fantastic awareness he has around the rim. He also can shot it well from way out beyond the arc. Lee has some game to him. 

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