Posted On: 04/17/19 10:36 AM

Modern basketball is pushing forwards away from the basket as eight graders standing 6-foot-6 are working on 3-pointers.

You know what doesn’t ever go out of style, though? A kid who sticks to what he’s best at and relishes punishing opponents around the basket. 

At the Spring Kickoff, these four prospects did just that:

Brady Jones (2022) | 6-5 C | Colorado Crush 15U / Lewis Palmer (CO)

Jones is young and raw but possesses some intriguing physical tools, namely power and bounce. Opened my eyes finishing an oop that was lofted from the 3-point line in a halfcourt set. But it was Jones’s effort and strong shoulders that consistently impressed. Runs the floor well. 

Jalyn Todd (2020) | 6-5 C | Oklahoma Eagles 17U / Deer Creek (OK)

Todd is built like a D-I defensive end prospect with a strong body and exceptional mobility. While he was able to rebound out of his space and through the body of defenders, he also flashed skill by hitting an outside shot. He is also lateral enough to contain ball-handlers when switching on the pick-and-roll.

Isaac Ondekane (2020) | 6-8 C | Colorado Miners Gold 17U / Mullen (CO)

Ondekane’s resilience was just as impressive as his athleticism in their quarterfinal matchup with Team Buddy Buckets. He left the game minutes into the contest after being poked in the eye. Second half starts and, boom, there’s Ondekane back like nothing ever happened. He was boarding everything on both ends of the floor and really maximizing his massive frame and quick bounce. Finished offensive boards with graceful tip-backs. Shot out quick outlets to start the break. Ondekane can defend taller posts because of his elite power. 

Lamarius Royston (2022) | 6-6 C | Colorado Hawks 15U / Smoky Hill (CO)

Fellow 15U kids waiting to take the court after Royston were referring to Royston as a “man-child” on Sunday — a rather accurate assessment. Royston’s strong arms, shoulders, and chest were a force on the glass and as a low-post scorer. Secured rebounds and protected the rim by simply changing shots with his presence. Plays hard and to his strengths.