Posted On: 04/17/19 3:47 PM

Teammates owe these guys a “thank you” after this weekend because they were making everyone look good in Denver. 

Nate Lowe (2020) | 5-11 PG | Utah Premier 17U / Olympus (UT)

Lowe cut up defenses with his speed and down-hill crossovers. He made timely passes to open shooters on the perimeter once he drew a second defender. He also has the ability to finish on either side of the basket from low angles. Capable outside shooter. Lowe caused problems for ball-handlers on the other end with his lateral quickness. 

Tyler Fisher (2019) | 6-0 PG | Colorado Anarchy 17U / Rocky Mountain (CO)

Fisher both made plays for others off the drive-and-kick and created shots of his own. He’s a very good outside shooter and made defenses pay for going under screens. All in all, the threat of him scoring as a primary ball-handler opened up passing lanes and he took advantage of those. 

Kendural Jolly (2020) | 5-8 PG | Team Buddy Buckets 17U / Putnam City Original (OK)

Jolly was a true catalyst for Team Buddy Buckets this weekend. He takes care of the ball and delivers passes to his guys in a position where they can score it. Highly unselfish and uses his speed to open up opportunities for others. Jolly recognizes mismatches and gets the ball to his guys when they have the advantage. Threat to shoot it from the outside if his man tries to play the passing lanes too much. 

The rising senior is also a lock-down defender at the point of attack. Uses his size as an advantage in going after steals. Overwhelmingly quick and is able to force ball-handlers to turn when Jolly picks up 94 feet. 

Christian Speller (2020) | 6-3 G | Colorado Miners Gold 17U / Rangeview (CO)

Speller is a big guard who impressed with his decision-making ability and poise. Dealing with ball pressure in the lane, Speller consistently either finished at the basket or zipped passes from inside-out to shooters. In the open floor, Speller disregarded defenders with ease on smooth changes of speeds or direction. Talented ball-handler. Rebounds very well for a guard, too. 

Sean Pedulla (2021) | 6-1 PG | Team Buddy Buckets 16U / Edmond Memorial (OK)

The no-brainer MVP of the Spring Kickoff, Pedulla was spectacular from start to finish. Natural feel for the game and a master of the fundamentals. His footwork is impeccable and throws defenders off balanced around the basket — whether it was a straight-line-drive or off a jump stop. Capable shooter from the mid-range and beyond the arch. Knows how to use a ball screen. 

Defensively, Pedulla was also the team’s best defender with his instincts and quick hands. Cut off ball-handlers consistently and started the break with steals. Finished creatively in transition with either hand. 

Deuce Benjamin (2022) | 5-11 PG | New Mexico D1 Ambassadors 15U / Las Cruces (NM)

Benjamin has a ton of upside because of his athleticism, but he also proved to be productive. Elite quickness with the ball as he raced past defenders in the open floor and half-court. Long arms, which he used to finish at the rim and defend. Benjamin is a capable shooter who can do it from distance off the dribble. Good feel for the game. 

Jordan Fortune (2020) | 5-11 G | Freedom Hoops 17U / Central Academy of Excellence (MO)

Fortune really thrived when the game’s pace picked up. He’s an athletic, wiry slasher who attacks the rim fearlessly. Fortune’s assists mostly came on drop-down passes, often after he’d already left his feet. He can score the ball at the rim, too.