Posted On: 04/18/19 5:00 AM

Whether it was blowing by defenders on their way to the rim, beating ball-handlers to their spot, or athletically boarding the ball — all of these prospects changed the games with their athleticism at the Spring Kickoff. 

Tyler Watters (2021) | 6-6 C | Colorado Miners Black 16U / Grandview (CO)

Watters reminds of a lot of bigs I’ve tracked over the past couple years who have limitations early but develop rapidly after their sophomore year. Common traits for those late-bloomers: non-stop effort and unteachable physical tools. 

He finished a couple lobs and tip-backs in traffic by soaring over opponents to guide the ball through the net. Very quick off the ground. Doesn’t quite have the footwork yet to score consistently on post-ups, but his impact as a rim protector and rebounder is there. Willing and effective screener. Makes good passes when he catches in the mid-post and doesn’t have a look.

Dakarai Allen (2020) | 6-3 G | Gamepoint Inland Empire 17U / Point Loma (CA)

Allen occasionally explodes around the rim on finishes and really utilizes his spin move as a slasher. Very bouncy kid who uses his athleticism to force opposing ball-handlers to pick-up their dribble. Allen is a weapon in transition but also has a little wiggle in the half-court. Defends 1s, 2s, and 3s. 

Jaeden Harrison (2020) | 6-3 G/W | Boykins Basketball Academy 17U / Cheyenne Mountain (CO)

Harrison prefers to get out in transition. He was constantly pushing pace with the dribble by speeding down the sideline past guys who failed to cut him off. Good hesitation move in the open floor. Harrison isn’t only athletic — he has a great motor. Finished at the rim in traffic creatively and provided defensive rebounding, too. 

Sean Franklin (2021) | 6-3 W | Team Buddy Buckets 16U / Edmond Santa Fe (OK)

Franklin was Team Buddy Buckets’ quasi-forward in their best lineup and defended posts with success. Stays active against size and can out-board them because of his vertical ability. On the other end, forwards had to deal with his slashing ability and had little to no chance of stopping him. Franklin finished in traffic and followed up misses with a quick second jump. The wiry athlete plays with a toughness and borderline-inspiring level of grit. Team Buddy Buckets won the championship with him as their 5 for long stretches — that says all you need to know. 

Jaden Bray (2021) | 6-3 G/W | Team Buddy Buckets 16U / Norman (OK)

Along with Sean Franklin, you know who else was pretty special on the glass and defending big wings? Jaden Bray, his teammate. This kid has a strong, muscular build on the wing that allows him to get to the cup and defend multiple positions. Provides a consistent defensive rebounding presence. Bray has blow-by speed slashing to either direction. 

Sean Johnson (2022) | 6-4 W | New Mexico D1 Ambassadors 15U / Sandia (NM)

Johnson’s impact was two-fold: finishing in traffic and help-side defense — all of which was facilitated by his athleticism and effort. He made scoring in traffic look laughably easy at the 15U level. Using a strong frame, and often a pump fake, Johnson elevated through swipes at the ball to finish off the glass from every angle. Defensively, he covered ground quickly on help-side and plucked shot attempts out of the air. Sky is the limit once Johnson adds a jumper. 

Obi Agbim (2020) | 6-2 G/W | Colorado Miners Gold 16U / Rangeview (CO)

Agbim is a wiry athlete who attacks the basket with speed and without fear. Draws contact by throwing himself into shot-blockers and hanging in the air. Plays with good pace and looks to catch the ball in stride. Agbim has an uncanny ability to slide into tight spaces as a slasher.