Posted On: 04/12/19 6:43 AM

Prep Hoops enjoyed its annual trip to the Upstate for the Ashton Arnold Tourney this past weekend. The event was hosted by Team South Carolina. Mike Alexander and Lamont Simmons along with others do a great job running this non-shoe organization. 


Prep Hoops has a chance to come up this way every year to see some new teams and find some new names to add to the database. Prep Hoops COVERS the whole state of South Carolina and makes a strong effort to see several teams throughout the grassroots season. 


Prep Hoops has seen more players in the Palmetto State than any other organization and that shows extensively with rankings and coverage. Prep Hoops makes a effort to be fair to all grassroots teams with coverage throughout the season. 


Keep in mind Prep Hoops – South Carolina is a one man show. Yes that’s correct (Bret Swanson- Me) does all the traveling to games, photo taking of players and writing of articles. I also take care of the @prephoopssc twitter page. 


The reason I’m telling you that today is because the spring and summer season is still a long ways from being over. I plan out my trips and travels months in advance. I might not see your team this weekend or next but it could be down the road. Just keep in mind I do the best I can covering programs throughout the Palmetto State from Oconee County to Horry County to Beaufort County and to Chesterfield County. Plenty of stops in between the Midlands. 


Prep Hoops provides coverage for ALL levels of players in the Palmetto State. Subscribe today for all the latest action right here and stay on top of all the news.