Posted On: 04/3/19 12:52 PM

The #HustleSznKickoff was a great opening event for the Prep Hoops Circuit. Over 100 teams competed putting the talent from the west coast on full display, Taking in as much action as I could I put together my list for the top five players I saw at the event below. Keep in mind I did not get a chance to see every player play. The guys below are all sure-fire NCAA Division I guys with bright futures on the court. The five guys are not listed in any order. 

DaRon Holmes 2021 Powerhouse Hoops Forward

Coming into this weekend I heard a lot of hype around Holmes out of Arizona. Many times when I hear a lot of talk surrounding a particular player the player has a hard time living up to the billing everyone around him is giving. This case is much different. Holmes not only lived up to the hype of a top 50 player in the country but left me thinking he will be pushing towards the top 25 this year. What makes Holmes an elite talent is his size, athleticism, length, and skill. What separates him from other elite players are all of the small things he does on the court. Holmes was a beast on the boards and delivered huge plays when his team needed them the most. The biggest play I can reference from this weekend was when Holmes went up to block Reese Dixon with 5 seconds left and the game on the line. Holmes made the block helping his team to a victory. The High Major NCAA Division I school who lands Holmes is going to get quite the talent.

Reese Dixon 2021 The Truth EYBL Wing

Dixon was one of my favorite players to watch throughout the entire weekend. The style of play Dixon brings to the court reminds me so much of the smoothness of Paul George. Dixon can score at all three levels off the bounce or in catch and shoot situations. What continues the comparison in style of play to George is the dawg factor with Dixon. This young man is not afraid to challenge anyone in the gym at either end. Dixon has an extremely bright future on the court. He already holds High Major offers with more on the way.

LJ Glover 2021 Coastal Elite Slayers Forward

Glover was one of the biggest surprises of the weekend for me. At first glance, Glover sticks out pretty easily at 6’9 with a strong build. As you watch him play on the court you are reminded what a Center can do with size, athleticism, and toughness down low. Glover did his best to make it a nightmare for opposing teams to get past him to the rim. On the offensive end, Glover still has some work to do in his game, but you can see the skills are there. Glover has an opportunity to turn into a really known talent in the So-Cal area and beyond. If his skill level continues to rise lookout the nation will see him making plays in March Madness soon.

Peyton Watson 2021 The Truth EYBL Wing

Watson is the most intriguing talent on this list for me. The length of Watson instantly catches your eye as a pro type of body. He brings it on the court 24/7 for The Truth EYBL. Watson has the biggest upside of any guy on this list. The production is starting to trickle in as we saw him score the ball at a high level and make some plays on defense. It is ultimately up to how hard Watson works over the next couple of years to see what level of basketball he will obtain. God has gifted the kid with all of the physical attributes you could want. I cannot wait to see what Watson turns into.

Wayne McKinney 2021 Coastal Elite Slayers Guard 

McKinney rounds out my top five players from Los Angeles. If you cannot tell I watched a lot of 16U games this past weekend. What gave McKinney the edge to get the fifth spot was his leadership on the court, size, strength, heart, and hustle. McKinney is not going to ever be outworked by another player on the court. Every time out he brings his A+ game of everything he can control. When a player can always be effective and impactful for the team even when his shot is not falling that is huge. The change of pace and quickness of McKinney to the basket is beyond impressive. McKinney projects to the Low to Mid Major NCAA Division I level. The basketball IQ McKinney displays will add to the list of traits colleges love in his game. 


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