Posted On: 04/15/19 5:11 PM

Sadaidriene “Dayday” Hall is an emerging talent in Texas.

The 2020 6’5″, 185-pounder excelled at a high level during his junior season for a Sulphur Springs (30-10) that made it all the way to Class 5A state semifinal before losing Wagner 62-52.

Hall said he spent his junior year alongside his teammates looking to prove everyone wrong.

“We proved everyone wrong by making it to state but came up a little short,” Hall told Prep Hoops. “I saw the most growth in my ability to get downhill and make the right decisions and making better reads on the floor.”

No offers have come yet for Hall, but he’s drawn interest from Nebraska, Northwestern State, Stephen F. Austin, Loyola Marymount and Texas‑Rio Grande Valley.

Just last weekend, Hall proved that he can lead a team and he flashed his all-around game at the Prep Hoops Circuit #GrindSZNKickoff in Oklahoma City.

“This is my first summer playing with Coach E and Dallas Showtyme. It has been a fun ride playing with them. Coach E is giving me the looks I need and the opportunity to get to school after high school,” he said. “My teammates are some beasts and we hoop together to give each other the best looks. I’m thankful they have faith in me to play the game through me sometimes and to keep showing me that they are there for me.”

As for the Prep Hoops Circuit itself, Hall said some very good things.

“There is a lot of talent in this circuit and it’s a competitive one,” he said. “I enjoy playing in the circuit it has life lessons everywhere in it and making me look at what I can do with my game.”

Hall pointed to his defense and rebounding as two attributes that separate himself from others.

“Also, me going downhill is like a freight train hard to stop, passing the ball and finishing the ball in traffic catching it in traffic and getting big scoring over the bigger opponents,” he said. “I need to improve on shooting the ball and getting a little bit more muscle.”

Hall is a superb athlete and someone who is playing hard this summer. I expect him to get numerous looks from Division I and Division II programs.