Posted On: 03/12/19 11:43 AM

Most outstanding player: Bowen Born (Norwalk, 2020)
Stats: 32.7 points (44.4 FG%, 92.0 FT%), 2.7 rebounds, 3.7 assists, 1.0 steals

Born far and away led the 3A field in scoring last week. In fact, even if you take out his 40-point game against Ballard, he would’ve led the tournament in scoring, he was that dominant. While the efficiency numbers took a dip in the semifinal and championship games, he still scored in a big way, took care of the ball (11 assists to just three turnovers) and delivered the tournament’s most impressive game in their quarterfinal blowout of Ballard, going for 40 points on 16-24 shooting, helping avenge a regular season loss to the Bombers. The junior guard showed he’s one of the best players in the state and is the primary reason the Warriors will open next season ranked #1.


Drew Enke (Clear Lake, 2019)
Stats: 18.3 points (43.8 FG%, 40.0 3P%), 5.7 rebounds, 1.0 assists, 1.0 steals

The 6-1 senior wing not only led the Lions in scoring throughout the week, but his work on the defensive end, particularly against Bowen Born, was sensational. In the Lions’ semifinal loss to Norwalk, Enke was the primary defender who forced Born to go just 10-31 from the floor. Sure, Born still scored 32 points, but it took a ton of energy to do so. Enke is a versatile defender with great length, and he contested every shot Born took in that game. On the offensive end, he displayed a smooth stroke from the arc and the ability to get to the rim. He was strong all season for Clear Lake, and he helped prove that his Lions were no pushover, like some around the state suspected. 


Cole Henry (Oskaloosa, 2019)
Stats: 16.3 points (54.5 FG%), 11.3 rebounds, 4.0 assists, 1.0 blocks

The most emotionally charged player, probably in any class, last week was Henry. He promised that Oskaloosa was going to win a state title, and he delivered on that promise, helping carry the Indians to the 3A crown by averaging a double-double on the week. The skilled 6-10 lefty forward showcased his playmaking abilities throughout the week, and he was absolutely dominant in the title game against Norwalk, going for 19 points, 14 rebounds (10 offensive) and three assists. He’ll play his college ball at Northern Iowa.


Easton Darling (Winterset, 2020)
Stats: 17.3 points (37.7 FG%), 4.0 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 2.7 steals

Darling really struggled in the Huskies semifinal loss to Oskaloosa, but was strong in their quarterfinal and conolsation games, averaging 23 points a game on 47.4% shooting in those two wins. A talented lefty scoring guard, he uses his quickness to cause all sorts of issues on both ends of the floor. His eight steals on the week led the 3A field.


Xavier Foster (Oskaloosa, 2020)
Stats: 13.0 points (48.5 FG%), 10.7 rebounds, 4.3 blocks

Like Issa Samake at the 1A level, Foster’s impact goes well beyond the box score (although that looked pretty good last week, as well). The 7-0 junior is the ultimate game changer on the defensive end, as his sheer presence in the paint with his rim protection changes the way teams can attack Oskaloosa. A smooth, long athlete with a jumper, Foster is the epitome of the modern day big man with his ability to stretch the floor and protect the rim.


Second Team

Casey Kleemeier, Winterset (2019)
Carson Toebe, Clear Lake (2022)
Rian Yates, Oskaloosa (2019)
Tyler Johnson, Norwalk (2020)
Tyler Endres, Norwalk (2019)


Honorable mentions: Andrew Formanek, Clear Lake (2021); Brock Johnson, Winterset (2020); Casey Young, Winterset (2020); Dawson Forgy, Winterset (2022); Austin Hafner, Oskaloosa (2019); Iszac Schultz, Oskaloosa (2020)