Posted On: 03/26/19 1:32 PM

One of the hottest topics every year in grassroots basketball is what the shoe-sponsored teams will look like. Nike and adidas have dominated the northwest grassroots scene for the last 10 years. Under Armour has made its way onto the scene in the last couple years and has attracted some of the top talent in their own right. This article is not a debate as to which shoe circuit is better than the other, but more so examining where the top players will be spending their spring and summer. We will take the top 12 players in Washington’s 2020 class and breakdown the numbers in a simple format. 

adidas Gauntlet: 

  • Two teams in the northwest will play in the adidas Gauntlet Gold Division.
  • ML20/Hoop Salem (OR) have combined forces and resources, along with a core of former Team Bradley (WA) players to field a new adidas team in the northwest. They are listed under the name “Hoop Salem” on the adidas website. 4 of the top 12 players in Washington will be playing on the adidas circuit with Hoop Salem, including the top two ranked players, Marjon Beauchamp and Tari Eason
  • Team LaVine is another newer adidas Gauntlet program, based out of Preston, WA. 4 of the top 12 players in Washington will suit up for LaVine, including 3 out of the top 5 with Tyler Patterson, Jabe Mullins and Mitchell Saxen.
  • In total, that adds up to 8 out of 12 of the top players in Washington playing in the adidas Gold Gauntlet. 

Under Armour association:

  • The Under Armour Association is the top league for UA sponsored teams. It is a newer league, created in the last few years, but it has been highly competitive from day one, sending countless players to high major colleges and the NBA. 
  • Washington Supreme is the one and only sponsored UAA team in the state. Although a newer program, they have sent a long list of players to colleges of all levels. 3 of the top 12 2020’s in Washington will suit up for Supreme, including Liam lloyd, Peter Erickson and Maui Sze

Nike Elite Youth Basketball League:

  • Nike has long been in Washington’s grassroots scene, dating back to the 90’s. FOH Seattle long held down the Nike scene, but later shifted to Seattle Rotary within the last decade. The actual Nike League (EYBL) was not created until after Rotary became a sponsored team. 
  • Seattle Rotary’s top team this year is its most youthful team, possibly ever. None of the top 12 2020 players in Washington will be participating in the EYBL this year, which has never happened before. That is not to say Rotary will not be competitive, as their 2021 class is loaded with talent that is playing up on the 17u team. 

Independent Teams:

  • While the shoe-sponsored teams receive most of the publicity, Washington always has quality talent that play on independent or non-shoe sponsored teams. 
  • 1 out of the top 12 2020 prospects will be playing for a non-shoe company team this year. D1 recruit, Mutdung Bol will run with Northwest Coastal once again. 


By the numbers: 

adidas- 8/12 top 2020 prospects

Under Armour- 3/12 top 2020 prospects

Independent- 1/12 top 2020 prospects 

Nike- 0/12 top 2020 prospects