Posted On: 03/29/19 5:25 PM

At the high school level, you can separate yourself - literally - by having the ability to create your own separation which, in turn, helps you create your own shot. I was in attendance at the Matt Reynolds Oklahoma Showcase last weekend and noticed the gym was packed with players who were very talented at creating their own shot. From that showcase, these were the players whom I thought separated their names among their piers in the most spectacular ways by creating their own shot.

Makye Loggins 2020 Wichita South (KS) point guard

Makye Loggins was best at creating a shot for hisself and for others. With his quick release and handling skills, Loggins made scoring the basketball seem effortless at times and connected with teammates regularly.

Kaden Bogard 2022 Mustang point guard

Kaden Bogard was crafty and steadfast with the ball in his hands, playing as a score-first one on Saturday. Bogard did not underestimate the timing of his crossover, and continually utilized a simple, yet subtle, switch of direction to his advantage.