Posted On: 03/29/19 11:53 AM

Elite passing on the basketball court always reminds me of a great quarterback. Those players who can distribute and deliver the ball on-time and on-target share many of the same qualities that makes the gunslingers of the gridiron great. With that in mind, I paid attention to the players from the Matt Reynolds Oklahoma Showcase, which I attended last weekend in Oklahoma City, who possessed the most quarterback-like passing abilities. These were the players I was the most impressed by.

Josh Minney 2020 Sand Springs wing

Josh Minney showcased his high basketball iQ on Saturday with his floor vision and ability to distribute the ball from the high post and from the wing or corner. Minney was best when making quick passes to flashing teammates at the post before the defender could recover.

Julian Smith 2019 Sapulpa point guard

Julian Smith is the complete package as a point guard and has a huge impact on the game with sharp, reliable and accurate passing. Smith was dealing damage Saturday to opposing defenses with timely passing to streaking cutters and was able to make quick passes out to down-court players efficiently.

Ethan Franks 2022 Heritage Hall point guard

Ethan Franks was really good with down-floor, vision-reliant passes at the showcase. Most guys at this level don’t take advantage of those opportunities, but Franks seemed to always focus on the most valuable, available play for his teammates.

Jordan Thompson 2020 Southmoore point guard

Jordan Thompson was electric all day as he passed the ball about his teammates with seemingly effortless flicks across the floor. Thompson immediately surveys the court out of the defensive rebound and looks to make plays and has the accuracy to do so.

Joshua Buckett 2020 Irving (TX) guard

Joshua Bucket certainly fits into the entertaining category as a passer. He routinely found open shooters in the half-court that you may not have even noticed were available. He’s certainly an eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head type of player and was always ready to make the next great pass.

Caden Hale 2020 Metro Christian guard

Caden Hale was really sharp on Saturday and was great at dishing practical, well-timed passes to set up his teammates. He was fast out of the catch to look for a slasher, but also did not overwhelm teammates by trying for improbable gambles across the floor. His ability to score out of the dribble made his passing threat even greater.

Israel Hart 2021 Midwest City point guard

Israel Hart was consistent in seeking out opportunities for his teammates both in the half and down the floor. He was accurate and seamless with the ball in his hands and was confident when moving the ball. He certainly made his teammates better by placing the ball where they could get a shot.

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