Posted On: 03/25/19 10:19 AM

Andre Gordon, a future Virginia Tech Hokie and Sidney High School legend, takes the top spot in our final 2019 rankings. In order, Gordon is followed by Jaelyn Withers (Cleveland Heights), Miles “Deuce” McBride (Moeller), Samari Curtis (Xenia), and Jeremiah Francis (Pickerington Central).

Over the past several months, we’ve been blown away by Gordon’s shot-making ability from all areas of the floor, especially the mid-range. He’s as explosive of an athlete you’ll find in Ohio. Makes opposing ball-handlers uncomfortable with his on-ball quickness. Gordon plays with effort — true effort — every time he steps on the floor, too. 

Other publications may have Ohio’s top crop in a different order, but we trust our eyes. 

McBride, a West Virginia signee, has also risen the ranks. He made a full-recovery from injury and hasn’t lost a game since, capping off a 29-0 season with a Division I State Championship on Saturday. McBride showed off a more dynamic scoring package, confidence as an outside shooter, while reclaiming his post as Ohio’s most dominate perimeter defender in 2018-19.

Unlike previous iterations of the 2019 list, these will live on forever in our archives. 

Take a minute to check out our list of 214 senior prospects. We will be back soon with the Top 20 Prospects from each corner of the state, along with Stock-Risers, and Newcomers