Posted On: 02/18/19 2:16 PM

This week Knoxville Webb starter Tariq Daughton joined PrepHoopsTN’s Andrew Force for a phone interview.


Daughton is averaging 11 ppg, 4 rpg, and 3 apg for his Div II Class A Knoxville Webb Spartans.


Entering late February 2020 Tariq Daughton is #29 in the Class of 2020 player rankings. 


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Look for Tariq all spring and summer with EAB 17u after his Spartans attempt to improve upon their 2018 State Runner-Up finish.


How is your season going?

We have been playing our best basketball so far.  We have been getting a lot better over the course of the season, especially the last few games. 


You will play the winner of Harding Academy and Clarksville Academy.  Do you know anything about either team?

We know a little bit more about Harding because we played them last year.  They have a good Luke Howard.  They have a good couple of guards


You don’t know which team you will play yet, so how do you guys prepare in the mean time?

We really just focus on us now.  We just get ready for the game and don’t worry about the matchup.  


What do you see as your role with the team?

I feel like I am the energetic guy.  I get people up.  If we are down I get everybody playing better and make sure everybody doesn’t slack on offense and defense. 


Can you tell me a few games you felt especially locked in personally?

I feel like these last few games I have been doing my best, especially on defense.  I am guarding the best players on the other team. 


Name two players in 2020 that are better than you.

I don’t think anybody is better than me honestly.  If I am matched up against them I can shut them down.  If I guard the best player on the team it shows I am on their level.  If people say they are better, then I am not far from it at all. 


What NBA players do you try to pattern your game after?

Nobody really.  I just play my own game. 


What kind of feedback do you get from your family on your basketball game this season?

They are always encouraging me to do better offensively and defensively even if I have good games.  That really helps me get better for the next game.


What does the head coach ask or guide you to do more of? To do better?

He tells me the role is to be a more energetic guy.  And he tells me to be more aggressive. 


Can you take a step back and tell me what skills you improved significantly in the last six months?

I feel like my shooting has gotten a lot better.  My ball handling.  I have gotten a lot better offensively.  Mostly my offense.  


Is that just the natural skill development or is it also a result of your team needing more from you this season?

I have a different role this year. I am able to do a lot more. We all have diff role this year. 


At this early point have any colleges expressed interest?

Not recently.  I feel like I will hear from a lot of coaches after this season though.


Dream schools?

I don’t really have a dream school.  I just want to see what schools reach out to me.  And I will see ‘how I fit at the school.’


Just because you live nearby what do you think of University of Tennessee’s basketball season?

They have gotten a lot better since last year. I have been watching them the last two years.  The fan base is better. I love seeing them play this year.  


Do you have any relatives that played college sports?
I am the oldest in my immediate family. I had a cousin that played. She is done now. She played Bowe State (MD).


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