Posted On: 02/10/19 5:05 PM

Whitney Young 2020 point guard Tyler Beard is the state’s #3 junior prospect.  He is your classic tough Chicago point guard that has strength and athleticism.  He is a plus pull up mid-range shooter knocking them down consistently.  Powerful getting to the rack both in transition and off the bounce in the half court.  Burst and power with the ball in his hands.

How has the season gone with the Dolphins?

“It has been an up and down year for us as a team and especially for myself.  We are getting it clicking now in the second half of the season.  We usually do this as a program at Whitney Young where we turn it up in the playoffs.  I have played well in the second half of the season.”

In the second half of the season he seems to have started playing up to his potential.  He discussed what he has been doing well.

“Scoring from all three levels.  Shooting from three, mid-range, and getting to the basket.  I have been working on my jump shot and playmaking a lot more.”

This past weekend the Dolphins junior took an official visit to Purdue.

“We took a little bit of a tour of the facility and just talked about what my role would possibly be on the team if I choose to go there.”

What stood out about the Boilermakers program?

“I loved their style of play especially and how hard they worked.  They seemed to be closely knit as a team and I liked that.  It makes a brotherhood.”

The Boilermakers coaches expressed to Beard what they like about his game.

“They liked how I can be a combo guard.  Control a team, but also put them on my back at the same time.  They also liked my growth as a player.  How I expanded from just being a slasher.”

Although he took an official visit he doesn’t yet hold an offer from Purdue.  What is the status on a potential offer?

“Not really sure.  We discussed it a bit, but I don’t think they will anytime during the school year.  Hopefully AAU they’ll pull the trigger.

Beard mentioned three other schools that are showing him the most interest.

“Butler, South Florida, and Iowa.”

Butler is a program he has taken an unofficial visit to.

“I love the team and I love the program.  It is just like Whitney Young.  I like the way they play.  Get up and down. It is in the Big East.  Play defense.”

What stands out about South Florida?

“I like them too.  Xavier (Castaneda) went there last year.  I like the way they play as well.”

Beard plans to visit Iowa sometime this summer.