Posted On: 02/7/19 10:54 AM

The future of Lincoln High School basketball looks bright, and it’s 6-foot combo-guard Tyler Amores who projects to be a key part of it.

As a freshman, Amores is continuing to evolve as a player while leading the Zebras’ freshman team to a 20-2 record. He says his playmaking ability and energy on defense are main components to his game.

“I’m more of a leader on the court, and I’m a pass-first player. I’m not a main scorer, but I can score when I need to,” said Amores. “I like to be a true point guard, I guess you could call it.”

Amores is the captain and starting point guard for freshman squad. And it won’t be too long before he emerges as one of Nor-Cal’s top guards.

“We’re doing really good right now, we’ve really come together as a team lately. And we’re building as a team for these next couple years of high school,” said Amores.

In a couple months, the talented young guard will embark on a 15U grassroots season. And says he’s hoping to evolve as a player, both physically and mentally.

“This spring and summer, I’m just trying to get used to the game more and become a better shooter; get smarter, a higher IQ and just become a better player,” said Amores.

The goals for the next three years, in addition to getting a free education through basketball, is to become a more complete player, and help take Lincoln to new heights.

“I’m really hoping to become a consistent 3-point shooter, a good slasher, a good defender, a great passer. I just want to evolve as a player and become a guy that teams would want on their team,” said Amores. “And hopefully just bring a championship to my high school, and pout Lincoln on the map.”