Posted On: 02/12/19 12:27 AM

This past week was filled with great games and a mega showcase of talent from all across the state. This time of year provides a great opportunity for great players to rise to the occasion. Here are your nominees for Oklahoma Player of the Week:

Andrew Keathley 2019 Coweta

Keathley is a 6’8 big man who many colleges have had their eyes on the last coupe years. This past week the veteran forward averaged 23 points per game and 12.5 rebounds per contest.

He has committed to Northwestern Oklahoma State and he has the tools to be an effective player at the DII level. 

Zach Lerblance 2019 McAlester

Lerblance is back on the list of nominees due to his dominant play this season. Off of production alone, Lerblance has been one of the best players in Oklahoma this year. He is consistently putting up numbers to help his team get a win. 

The senior guard put 21 points 11 rebounds and 5 assists in a win against Durant and he followed that up with a 24 8 & 6 performance to finish the week with a victory over Ardmore. 

Caden Fry 2022 Collinsville

Its tough to come in as a freshmen and make a big impact but Fry has found a way to make it work. Fry averaged 15 points and 11 rebounds in 3 games. 

Most coaches would be ecstatic with their freshmen putting up double figures on a normal basis. However, Fry is out her putting up consistent veteran numbers. 

Micah Thomas 2019 PC North

Although his team is going through some growing pains, Thomas has done everything in his power to keep them afloat. Thomas has a number of 30 point games this year and he is finished yet. 

The dynamic scoring guard 34 points in his final game at PC North on Senior night.

Thomas makes scoring look so easy when he is on a roll. Not many other players have more of a responsibility than Thomas on the offensive end and he does it with ease. 

Jaxon WIggins 2019 Roland

Wiggins is a human highlight reel when he is in the game. So many Roland highlights are floating around the internet mainly due to Wiggin’s inane vertical. 

There isn’t a better finisher at the rim than WIggins. Roland has been able to use his athleticism with using alley-oops to Wiggins as a dangerous offensive weapon.

Now Wiggins isn’t just an athlete though. This past week he showed off some of his skill below the rim while scoring 39 points against Poteau.