Posted On: 02/25/19 10:06 AM

We may be in the middle of high school basketball season but it’s not too early to look ahead to what’s coming up on the AAU circuit. Over the next few months we will be taking a look at the teams that will be participating in the PrepHoops Circuit Grind Region and here’s a look at Tennessee EDGE.

Tennessee EDGE will have teams in the 17U and 16U divisions of the Grind Region and will be at the #GrindSzn Kickoff, Show Me Showdown, and Grind Region Finals.

Here’s a transcript of a conversation we had with head coach Tony Thompson.

Why did you start your program? How long have you been around?

I started Tennessee EDGE bck in 2004-05 to give talented kids in the mid-south (Tenn/Ala./Ky) the opportunity to become student athletes and mentors within their communities. My focus has always been to help educate kids through sports.

What is the goal of your program for 2019?

2019 will change the lay of the land for high school basketball. With the class of 2020 being the first class in more than a decade to experience the one and done rule, it will open even more doors for guys to play college basketball. Out programs goals is to be one of the most competitive programs on the Prephoops Circuit. I love what Prephoops has done and glad to be a national writer for boys and girls. I want Prephoops to see what doing in the Tennessee market and move me into a directors role to help expand the market. Besides myself, my program have a huge following. That will give me the opportunity to solidify teams throughout the southeast region, with Tennessee EDGE leading the charge.

What is your program’s mission each year?

Our mission has and will never change. EDGE stands for (Educational, Development, Growth, Enhancement). We educate through school, develop our athletes both on and off the court, grow their mental mindset, and enhance their experience through team concept while preparing them for future endeavors.

Do you know of any players that will be back in your program this year? Who should we have our eye on?

yes we have several standouts who are getting interest from college coaches:

Max Rone, 6’10 post
Ashenefe Desta 6’8 wing
Kamarie Coffey 6’5 Shooting guard
Devin kline 6’3 PG
Jaylen Watkins, 6’1 SG

Tony Thompson. Jr., 6’0 CG
Josh Edmundson, 6’2 PG
Nijal Turner, 6’5 Post

Why did you choose the Prep Hoops Circuit?

Once again, I have been writing for Prephoops for two years, and after the fall out of the NCAA scandal I was wondering how was I gonna be able to showcase my kids when the playing field was going to be lopsided, sort to speak. Then, Prephoops launched the best idea and opportunity to independent teams that don’t have connections to shoe companies. That was brilliant and from day one I wanted to be a part of something great to come….I’m already in the process of developing a 14u to bring on board next year.