Posted On: 02/15/19 6:42 PM

Playoff basketball!  


Boiling hot pressure cookers require a release.   Among the many sweet performers across Tennessee Friday night was Connor Jordan and his casual lefty release.


Connor Jordan (Morristown East) buried yet another huge shot. 

“A lot of emotions,” shared Connor Jordan via phone after the win.  “Definitely the biggest shot of my career at that magnitude. It kind of felt like all of the work had paid off in a sense.  My teammates just trusted me and helped me with the confidence to make it.”


His Hurricanes kept the flood waters high for 2-AAA, relegating South Doyle to the Consolation Game.  Eleven wins in a row for Morristown East.  Watch the exceptional video replay from @JDVaughn91.  Follow him too!




D.J. Estes (Fairview) scored 29 points with five assists.


Chase Siebert (Ravenwood) stuffed six of his team’s first 21 points in against Centennial.   The low-scoring first half ended 21 all.

Nate Bloedorn (Nolensville) scored 16 points with 14 rebounds for NHS to advance to district finals.

Nathan Foutch (Nolensville) shoved in 21 points with four rebounds and five assists.


Bryce McCormick (C.P.A.) record 15 points in a Regional Semifinal over Goodpasture.
McNeill Stout (C.P.A.) scored 13 with four made three-pointers.
Braeden Moore (C.P.A.) gave 4 made three-pointers to the cause.

Jeff Norment (Bolivar Central) had 27 points 7 assists and 5 rebounds in a win against Fayette Ware.



2020 Matthew Murrell (@_iamMM12_) finished with 22 points and 8 rebounds.  Most importantly, Murrell’s Whitehaven team took down Memphis East in the 16-AAA Championship.

2020 Braden Clevenger gave 13 points to Carter High in a district win.

2021 Raymon Adams scored 12 for Lipscomb Academy in upset over Baylor School

Noah Thomas (Lipscomb Academy) scored 10 points.

B.J. Davis (Brentwood Academy) scored 28 points in a triple overtime victory.

2020 Markeston Douglas (Haywood) put up 13 points and 16 rebounds in an overtime loss.

Malik Comage (Haywood) scored 11 points.