Posted On: 02/12/19 10:30 PM

Sophomore Matthew Sells captured 8-AA Player of the Year.  His coach Jimmy Miller earned Coach of the Year.  Livingston Academy overtook York Institute on the season’s final day with a head-to-head win. Two-thirds of the 8-AA First Team is comprised of LA or York players.  Upperman’s two starters, Alex Rush and Collin Gore, earned the other two spots. 


Sells, Rush, Gore, and Second Team member Isaiah Allen all competed at the PrepHoopsTN Fall Combine.  We are elated to see such production from players full of such promise.



All-District 8-AA Award Winners

Player of the Year: Matthew Sells, Livingston Academy
Coach of the Year: Jimmy Miller, Livingston Academy
Defensive Player of the Year: Alex Rush, Upperman
Freshman of the Year: Nicolas Smith, York Institute
Most Improved Player: RayQuan Verge, Watertown

1st Team

Matthew Sells, Livingston Academy
Collin Gore, Upperman
Cody Ray, Livingston Academy
Alex Rush, Upperman
Noah Smith, York Institute
Roger Meadows, York Institute

2nd Team

Cameron Welch, Macon Co.
Heath Price, Watertown
RayQuan Verge, Watertown
Case Moody, York Institute
Isaiah Allen, Upperman

3rd Team

Nathan Atkins, DeKalb Co.
Jaydon Kanipe, Upperman
Landrick Leffew, York Institute
Trent Cook, Macon Co.
Tanner Marshall, Smith Co.

Honorable Mention

Luke Alexander, Cannon Co.
Jacob Raines, Cannon Co.
Wade Love, Cannon Co.
Blake Bush, Cannon Co.
Dallas Cook, DeKalb Co.
Tanner Poss, DeKalb Co.
Will McDonald, Livingston Academy
Mitchell Ayers, Livingston Academy
Cayden Jones, Livingston Academy
Clay West, Macon Co
Kelton Ballou, Macon Co.
Jace McWilliams, Upperman

All Defensive Team

Alex Rush, Upperman
Cody Ray, Livingston Academy
Dallas Cook, DeKalb Co.
Heath Price, Watertown
Cayden Jones, Livingston Academy
Jaydon Kanipe, Upperman
Case Moody, York Institute

All Freshman Team

Nicolas Smith, York Institute
Austin DuCrest, Smith Co.
Gus Davenport, Cannon Co.
Braydee Brooks, Macon Co.
Dennis West, Smith Co.
Jyron McClellan, Upperman


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