Posted On: 01/12/19 7:08 PM

Below you can read about some of the top performers in Tennessee from Friday night.  For 2019 players the newest ranking is listed to the left of the player.  Click for the full rankings of Class of 2019.

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The featured player pictured above is Jamal Spradling, a workhorse for Morristown West.  He finished with 12 points in a painful rivalry loss to Morristown East.


Class of 2019

Connor Jordan (Morristown East) scored 41 points in win at Morristown West.

Makai Olden (Morristown West) pumped in eight points.

#33 Elijah Cobb gave 13 points to Riverdale High.

#80 Rashaad Thompson (Riverdale) scored 12 points with 5 assists.

PG Kevin Wright Jr. (Collierville) had 13 points.

#189 Eugene Edwards (LaVergne) put in 11 points.

Armon Lumas (LaVergne) delivered 18 points.

Ben Nixon (John Paul II) scored 13 points in a loss to McCallie.

#68 Anthony Watkins (McCallie) scored 11 of his 13 points in the first half.

#151 Brady Brown (Summertown) scored 13 points in a little over a quarter of play as his team blew out Frank Hughes High.


Class of 2020

Trent Lovelace (Morristown West) contributed 14 points.

Jeff Norment (Bolivar Central) had 9 points, 6 assists, and 6 rebounds against Ripley.

Devin Kline (LaVergne) helped with 13 points 8 assists.

Antuan Willams (LaVergne) gave 18 points 6 rebounds.

Tony Jackson (McCallie) registered 10 points in a win.

John Hardy (McCallie) pumped in 11 points.

Noah Smith scores 15 Friday night in York Institute’s District win over Livingston by the score of 55-38.

Tray Swift (Dyer County) delivered another 29-point game Friday as Dyer County pounded Brighton by 15 points. 


Class of 2021

Grant Hurst (Cleveland) with triple double!!   Grant scored 35 points with 10 rebound and 10 assists.

Kley McGowan (Cleveland) scored 27 points and added five steals and three assists.

Alex Rush (Upperman) nearly delivered a triple-double: 14 points, 10 rebounds, 8 blocks.

Collin Gore (Upperman) scored 14 points with five rebounds and four assists.

Jace McWilliams (Upperman) scored 11 points with seven assists. 

Class of 2022

Braden Ilic (Morristown East) put in 8 points in a victory.

Jyron McClellan (Upperman) put in 11 points with three rebounds.

Philip Dotson (Arlington) scored 12 points against Bartlett.