Posted On: 01/11/19 10:28 AM

The Parkville Knights are quietly off to a very strong start, boasting an overall record of 8-2. Their success has come from a number of returning players who have developed immensely under the coaching of Josh Czerski, but he was fortunate enough to have a key transfer in John Godinez as well. Godinez is a junior point guard who transferred from Pikesville. While he was an impact player as a freshman, his overall game has become more complete with the role he is filling for Parkville this season.


“Being at Parkville has been great for me,” Godinez said. “On the court, I feel like they take everything much more serious than when I was at Pikesville. Coach Czerski always tells me if I put the time in, he’ll get me to the next level, so I’ve been placing my trust in him and it’s paying off so far.”


When you’re watching warm-ups, Godinez isn’t exactly a player that will stick out. Standing just 5-foot-10, he isn’t a guy that will pull off some crazy pregame dunks. He will however torch your team with his array of ball handling moves and his ability to shoot from beyond the arc.


Godinez plays with great balance at the point guard position. He knows when to look for his shot and when it’s time to create for teammates. Where he succeeds the most offensively is in iso or pick-and-roll situations. He’s extremely shifty with the ball and the fact that he can shoot from three off the dribble or slither his way into the paint forces every player on the defensive side to take him into account.


Because of his size, Godinez doesn’t put up crazy numbers in the rebounding category. Still, he is incredibly active both on and off the ball defensively. He’s one of those players that always seems to be in the right position at the right time to make a steal or dive for a loose ball. It’s on this side of the ball where you can see Godinez’s competitiveness come to light.


“I want to improve my overall game throughout this season,” Godinez continued, “but I really want to focus on my decision-making as a point guard.”


I’ve watched Godinez a few time this season thus far and his decision-making has been a strength in is game.


He currently holds a 3.3 GPA and is gaining interest from a couple of Division II programs. It should only be a matter of time until both Division II and Division III programs start tracking Godinez very closely considering the numbers he is putting up this year.