Hard Work Region Preview: Waterloo Salvation

High School

Posted On: 01/3/19 2:57 PM

Waterloo, Iowa always featured plenty of high-level talent, and while many of those guys tend to play with Martin Brothers or Iowa Barnstormers, new program Waterloo Salvation is now getting into the mix.

With it’s genesis being in 2017, Waterloo Salvation is still in the process of becoming known; playing in the Prep Hoops Circuit this spring and summer will help put them on the map.

The name is homage to the Salvation Army, the program is based out of the Salvation Army Youth Center in Waterloo.

According to program director Charles Masmar, it’s about more than just basketball with his organization.

“We aim to provide high school boys with a cost-efficient way to play off-season basketball at a high level,” Masmar said. “Our goal is to equip young men with not only basketball skills, but also with people skills, tools for academic success and much more.”

Masmar added: “Our mission each year is to provide an outlet for young men to  compete, learn, build relationships, and to stay focused on important aspects in life.”

Currently, Waterloo Salvation has only a 16U squad that will compete in the Hard Work Region of the Prep Hoops Circuit this year. There will be a 17U team that will play in a few tourneys as well. But according to Masmar, he plans to grow the organization in 2020, and hopes to be a 15U-17U organization by then.

Tryouts for Waterloo Salvation be held March 3rd from 3:00-5:00 at 89 Franklin St. in Waterloo. The teams will be hashed out after that. Masmar was able to share a couple guys, though, who he thinks will be impact players this summer.

There’s Ramir Scott, a bouncy 5-foot-11 guard from Waterloo East who is averaging 10 points per game for the Trojans so far this season. Scott will star on the 16U squad, “He is a great PG with a high basketball IQ, terrific passer, great ball handler and shooter, and is quite bouncy,” said Masmar.

The 17U unit will feature 2020 big-man Cannon Butler, a 6-foot-6 junior from Columbus Catholic, who is averaging 10.2 points and 10.3 rebounds so far this season, “…in his first real spring/summer basketball action, (Cannon) will be someone to watch as well, with his post work, his knack for rebounding, as well as shooting ability,” said Masmar.

For a new program, the Prep Hoops Circuit is a way to receive some exposure it otherwise might not get. Waterloo Salvation will be one to keep a close eye on come April, when the circuit gets underway.

“Prep Hoops Circuit is the next step for our players and program as a whole. It could help some of our players get the exposure they deserve. We will be playing against more consistent competition as well,” said Masmar. “We were recommended to try a Prep Hoops tournament last June, but couldn’t fit it in the schedule last year.  Looking forward to being a part of the Hard Work Region this season!”