Posted On: 01/19/19 4:32 PM

Check out newly ranked members of the junior class below.

If you want to look at the complete rankings, smash here.

Newcomers are either players previously undervalued or possibly players that developed their game in the last few months.  For most of the newcomers we ranked it simply comes down to exposure.  They didn’t advance as far in the playoffs as other players or their AAU team was playing on a forgettable circuit.

For whatever reason these players escaped the @PrepHoopsTN gaze until now.  Read about why they earned their way into the latest 2020 rankings.

These players represent two newly ranked Class of 2020 hoopers (ranking listed left of their name).

Gioppino Basketball clip art#136 Marcus Tankersley (Hamilton Heights Christian Academy)

Marcus transferred to Hamilton Heights Christian Academy.  Traditionally, HHCA doesn’t bring in local players.  They are founded on recruiting and then growing young men from outside this country.  So many success stories exist, but Tennessee Tech graduate Aleksa Jugovic (Serbia to Europe pro) and Shai Alexander (Canada to NBA) are a couple to note.  Tankersley comes from Tennessee.  He is not acclimating to a new nation, but he is adjusting to a much higher level of basketball.  Remember HHCA routinely plays with and better than the top two or three “regular” high school teams in the state.  So, they are not a traditional high school basketball program.  Tankersley’s assets include nice height.  Strong.  Not overpowering, but sturdy.  Marcus can dribble a little. He needs to improve his outside shot and get his motor from 3-4 to 6th gear more often.  He doesn’t know how dominating he can be because he doesn’t go frenetically hard very often.  Understandably Tankersley is still finding his place in the deep, deep program and generally plays for the very tough HHCA “B” team.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#149 Jayden Doyle (South Doyle)

Yes, Doyle plays for South Doyle.  It isn’t his family’s school.  He just plays basketball and learns there.  Jayden is a taller guard with a thin frame.  He projects as a NAIA 2/3 as Doyle can rebound, defend the 2-3 and handle very well.  There is some basketball comprehension needed and defensive court awareness.  His upside is predicated on height, athleticism, handle, and shooting touch.  Doyle is absolutely a player to watch during 17u for small college recruiters.  


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