Posted On: 01/3/19 6:00 AM

It is almost go time for the 2019 Highland Shootout!  This Saturday, January 5 could be the best field the elite shootout has ever had in its history!

From an Illinois perspective the event will feature three of the top six overall prospects in the 2019 class in EJ Liddell (Belleville West), Chris Payton (Bloomington), and Terrence Hargrove (East St. Louis).  Liddell is the reigning Mr Basketball, #1 senior in-state, and he led Belleville West to the 4A state championship last season.  He headlines the Ohio State Buckeyes recruiting class.  Payton and Hargrove will go head to head at the event!  Payton is headed to Southern Illinois while Terrence Hargrove is going to St. Louis.  Both teams have tons of college prospects surrounding their superstars.  Also a great battle between the top two non-metro east seniors in southern Illinois early in the day with Landon Wolfe (Effingham) taking on Bryce Bultman (Nashville).

The teams coming from Missouri are STACKED!  The top two seniors in the state will be in the house as Isiaih Mosley (Rockbridge) and Mario McKinney (Vashon) are battling it out for the best 2019 prospect in Missouri.  Both are nationally ranked top 150 prospects.  The three premier juniors in the state of Missouri will also be on hand with Caleb Love (CBC), Cam’Ron Fletcher (Vashon), and Luke Kasubke (Chaminade) all being nationally ranked players with high-major attention.  A pair of sleeper 2019s will also draw interest from college coaches in Keyyaun Batchman (Chaminade) and Josh Wallace (CBC).

Nicolet from Wisconsin might be the best team in the field.  They feature one of the top 5 2020 prospects in the country in point-forward Jalen Johnson.  The elite passing and scoring wing has offers from everywhere and is one of the most exciting players regardless of class.  His running mate is the #3 ranked prospect in Wisconsin and top 100 national 2020 recruit Jamari Sibley.


Where & When

Date: Saturday, January 5

Location: Highland High School



10:00 AM       Edwardsville vs Normal West
11:30 AM       Nashville vs Effingham
1:00 PM         Bloomington vs East St. Louis
3:00 PM         Highland vs Poplar Bluff (MO)
4:45 PM         Rock Bridge (MO) vs CBC (MO)
6:30 PM         Nicolet (WI) vs Chaminade (MO)
8:15 PM         Belleville West vs Vashon (MO)


Illinois Prospect Watch

Ethan Young (Edwardsville – 2020)
Terance Fisher (Normal West – 2019)
Bryce Bultman (Nashville – 2019 McKendree Commit)
Tanner Bergman (Nashville – 2019)
Carson Parker (Nashville – 2020)
Terry Pelczynski (Nashville – 2020)
Landon Wolfe (Effingham – 2019)
Parker Wolfe (Effingham – 2021)
Drew Thompson (Effingham – 2021)
Nathan Thompson (Effingham – 2021)
Chris Payton (Bloomington – 2019 Southern Illinois Commit)
Caleb Donaldson (Bloomington – 2019)
Nate Duckworth (Bloomington – 2019)
Donzell Johnson (Bloomington – 2019)
Garrett Hooker (Bloomington – 2019)
Griffin Moore (Bloomington – 2019 Illinois Football Commit)
Landon Moore (Bloomington – 2021)
Terrence Hargrove (East St. Louis – 2019 SLU Commit)
Jashawn Anderson (East St. Louis – 2019)
Elijah Rice (East St. Louis – 2019)
Richard Robinson (East St. Louis – 2019)
Armond Williams (East St. Louis – 2020)
Lashawn Johnson (East St. Louis – 2020)
Sam LaPorta (Highland – 2019 Iowa Football Commit)
Stephen Torre (Highland – 2019)
EJ Liddell (Belleville West – 2019 Ohio State Commit)
Keith Randolph (Belleville West – 2019 Illinois Football Commit)
Lawrence Brazil (Belleville West – 2019)
Will Shumpert (Belleville West – 2019)
Jaylin Mosby (Belleville West – 2019)
Tommie Williams (Belleville West – 2021)



Missouri Prospect Watch

Dominique Hardimon (Poplar Bluff – 2019)
Joseph Hardimon (Poplar Bluff – 2021)
Isiaih Mosley (Rock Bridge – 2019)
Dajuan Harris (Rock Bridge – 2019 Missouri St Commit)
Jamonta Black (Rock Bridge – 2019 Missouri St Commit)
Josh Wallace (CBC – 2019)
Caleb Love (CBC – 2020)
Robert Martin (CBC – 2022)
Keyyaun Batchman (Chaminade – 2019)
Luke Kasubke (Chaminade – 2020)
Harrison Vickers (Chaminade – 2020)
Matteus Case (Chaminade – 2020)
Johnathan Dunn (Chaminade – 2021)
Jaden Winfield (Chaminade – 2022)
Mario McKinney (Vashon – 2019 Mizzou Commit)
Donyae McCaskill (Vashon – 2019 Portland Commit)
Cam’Ron Fletcher (Vashon – 2020)
Phillip Russell (Vashon – 2020)
Kobe Clark (Vashon – 2020)
Nicholas Kern (Vashon – 2021)



Wisconsin Prospect Watch

Jalen Johnson (Nicolet – 2020)
Jamari Sibley (Nicolet – 2020)
James Graham (Nicolet – 2021)
Kobe Johnson (Nicolet – 2021)



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