Posted On: 01/15/19 4:56 PM

There’s snow on the ground in Iowa right now, and the heavy gloves and hats are abound. But the high school season is starting to heat up, and before we know it, another grassroots season will be upon us.

One of the Hawkeye State’s most well-run and ubiquitous programs is Team Iowa, run by Renell Strait (also a contributor to Prep Girls Hoops Iowa). And just two-and-a-half months from now, they’ll be back in action on the Prep Hoops Circuit.

This is the 10th year for Team Iowa, which is a Cedar Rapids-based program that was originally started as youth-only and high school girls. In 2013, the program added a boys program, and have thrived since.

The objective for Team Iowa is simple: to help players improve, and to help them get to the next level in their hoops career.

“Our number one focus is that all individuals improve,” said Strait.

“The Goal is always to have all teams and players improve in their fundamentals, and to help players wanting to play after high school be seen by college coaches; as well as to help all players improve so they can compete for playing positions at their respective high schools,” said Strait.

She added: “Our mission is to challenge all players and to help them improve their skill level.  We do this through practices that focus on fundamental skill work as well as competing in tournaments so they can showcase these improvements.”

Team Iowa have been mainstays of Prep Hoops tournaments in the past. And are a much-welcomed addition to the Circuit this spring and summer.

“(Prep Hoops has) well run tournaments, good competition and great exposure,” said Strait.

A slew of Iowa talent, 14U-17U, will be donning Team Iowa’s red, white and navy this offseason.

              Jake Beckmann

The 17U squad will feature Cedar Rapids Xavier point guard Jake Beckmann, who could be a breakout player. Also Will Henricksen, who is averaging 18.6 points per game for Marion this season. Other standouts will be Xavier’s Nick Hansel, Peyton Shannon and Davis Wagner, also Linn Mar’s Brady Klahn.

The 15U team could turn some heads, too. Makhi Wilson, TJ Robertson, Jackson Bowman, Kaiden Gage and Dionte Fiss will all be looking to show out this offseason.

You can catch Team Iowa in the Hard Work Region of the Prep Hoops Circuit this April through July.