Posted On: 01/17/19 4:49 PM

The Tornadoes of Cavalier and the Burros from HCV meet this evening in a crucial Region 2 match-up. What do the match-ups look like?  PHD gives you a view now!

PG: Jayden Laxdal/Colten Ratchenski vs Connor Aanderud.  These versatile teams have a number of guys that could handle the ball including many of the wings listed below.  Connor has had a lot of pressure put on his shoulders placed with the lead guard role after a strong junior season on JV.  Laxdal excels in the role as a full court working defender harassing the ball while Ratchenski is outstanding in distribution.  The type of guy that can impact the game without taking a shot. 

Wing 1: Conley Carrier vs Carson Henningsgard.  Carson is a first team all state level player at 6-foot-2 that can handle, passes the ball very well, and without a doubt can score from many spots on the floor.  Carrier is not likely to be matching up with Carrier as a 5-foot-9 two guard but these are two of the key wings.  Carrier scored 15 a game last year and continues to keep a strong pace.  Pound for pound Conley is one of the toughest. 

Wing 2: Colby Thorlackson vs Jacob Heineitz. Colby fills the role as worker willing to accept whatever role is handed and play it to the fullest of his efforts. Heineitz is another first year varsity guy coming off a strong previous filling a role as a scorer one night, and key defender another. Both are 6-foot-1/6-foot-2 workers. 

Post 1: Andre Carrier vs Landen Reed.  Carrier is a double-double monster who will put up 20/10 regularly.  Reed is the second best player on this HCV team but he is 2-3 inches smaller than Carrier so he could be a one of a number of guys defending the top Cavalier producer.  Reed is an all around jack of all trades player that really passes the ball well. 

Post 2: Kooper Henke vs Patrick Limke. Limke isn’t really a post, but at 6-foot-4 he’s another face the basket perimeter player that fills out a line-up of guards and wings.  Henke on the other hand is a real post who grabs a dozen boards as a hobby.  Kooper also gives around seven deep field goals each contest. 

The game is at HCV who can’t afford to lose another game in the highly competitive Region 2.  If Cavalier wins this game they put the state on notice that they are a legit contender in the region and for state.