Posted On: 01/17/19 3:53 PM

Tonight it’s Holy Angels vs DeLaSalle, one of the state’s biggest surprises against one of the Minnesota’s constants.  NHR takes a closer look!

PG: Tyrell Terry vs Charles Johnson.  Tyrell Terry is a top 100 player in this country and headed to Stanford.  He is scoring 28 a game and is one of the smartest lead guards I’ve ever covered.  Containing Tyrell is of course one of the toughest tasks that Minnesota high school basketball has to offer.  That said Charles Johnson is one of the best defenders that Minnesota has to offer.  His intensity and defensive footwork rank with the best.  Johnson scores ten a game but his role as a distributor and defender is bigger (averaging four assists and five steals a contest). 

Wing 1: Kameron Givens vs Emmett Johnson. Emmett is one of the best freshman in the state of Minnesota. Emmett is the brother of Charles Johnson and as a ninth grader he is scoring 11-12 points a contest.  Johnson and Givens are of similar size and should be fun to watch.  Givens had a great 17u year with Mentality Minnesota so to us at NHR his stepping up as a second scoring option when Battle was out was no surprise.  

Wing 2: Semaj Hart vs Max Gerstner.  Gerstner was the top returning scorer from last year using his perimeter shooting touch for 11 a game as a junior.  Now a senior Max is still a double figure scorer but equally as important as a defender and passer.  He will likely face a number of guys including Hart the strong slasher or one of several other Islander guard options.  

PF: Jamison Battle vs Matt Banowetz.  Jamison Battle is one of the elite shooters in Minnesota and when healthy he is scoring 28 points a contest as a senior.  Battle is coming off an ankle injury and may not be at full strength, although Battle at 70 percent is better than most at 100 percent.  Banowetz is at full strength scoring 16 points with nine rebounds per game as a 6-foot-6 frontcourt player.  Tonight is a chance for Banowetz to make a name for himself on a bigger stage. 

C: Jalen Travis vs Thor Holien.   Another interesting match-up.  Jalen Travis is the Islander third leading scorer and a top junior football prospect in Minnesota.  Holien is a 16 point per game guy and an excellent shot blocker as a 6-foot-5 low post player.  This will certainly be a physical battle around the basket.  The Stars need points from Thor, the Islanders need defense, boards, and a few close range finishes from Travis. 

Bench: This is where things quickly get different.  The Islanders have talent on the bench where as the Stars don’t use their bench nearly as much, nor do they have the same type of talent. Andrew Irvin (who hit a game winner earlier this year), Keijuan White (one of the more talented young players in the sophomore class), and Julian Wright (plus others) all check into the game and allow the drop off to be limited. 

This should be a really interesting match-up.  The underdog looking to prove themselves after a great start against the mainstay fending off challengers.