Posted On: 01/8/19 9:51 PM

Passes obviously precede most of the scoring and despite the constant praise of scoring done by both this website and newspapers across the state shine belongs on the best passers too.  Point guard is annually the strongest position born and raised in our great state.

Consider many of the best point guards in this PG-rich region.



Class of 2021 PG Zion Swader helped with 6 assists.

Lucas King (McKenzie) scored 13 points with 9 rebounds and 7 assists in half of a blowout game.

Kevin Wight Jr. (Collierville) finished strongly: Three assists, game-winning free throw.

Class of 2019 PG Rashaad Thompson (Riverdale) delivered four assists.

Top 10 player in 2021 Eric Rivers (McCallie) lead in scoring, but also handed out three assists.

Class of 2020 point guard Jason Coleman-Rose (Memphis Central) coughed up seven assists.

Class of 2019 Caleb Grimes (East Nashville) shared seven assists.

Upperman sophomore Isaiah Allen gave 6 assists.

Upperman sophomore Collin Gore  helped with 5 assists. 

Jaydon Kanipe (Upperman) helped with 5 assists.

Class of 2019 guard Michael Kingma (Frankin Classical) handed out six assists.

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