Posted On: 12/19/18 12:29 PM

Sure, there’s plenty of top-tier talent amongst the field at this year’s City of Palms Tourney. But what about the under the radar hoopers? This piece shines a light the X-Factors from day two at the Palms.

Alyn Breed – McEachern: A 2020 point guard, Breed proved his efficiency vs. Miami Christian after posting a team-high 14 points in 16 minutes. He shot 4-of-5 from the field, 1-of-2 from beyond the arc, and 5-of-5 from the free throw line. lists Breed as a two-star with “medium” interest from UAB, LIU-Brooklyn, and Pennsylvania. Look for Breed to build on his name in these final two seasons.

Roger McFarlane – University School: This 2020 shooting guard was all over the floor for the defending C.O.P. Champs vs. Vashon. While they blew them out by 27, McFarlane went 5-of-9 for 16 points, and shot 6-of-8 from the charity stripe. He also tallied six rebounds and three steals, on the night. According to 247Sports, he has “cool” interest from Columbia and Tennessee Tech. But after the showing he had on day two, he deserves more attention.

Diego Rivera – Miami Christian: Listen, this senior flat out needs more eyes! Yes, they lost to a stacked GA-McEachern squad, but Rivera did all he could to put points on the board. His team finished with 48. He HIMSELF had 23. Shot 50% from the field—including 5-of-8 from three. 247Sports lists Rivera with zero interests. Somebody needs to change that.

Chereef Knox – Imhotep Charter: The 2019 small forward led co-led his squad in steals and total points, while snagging the most boards out of BOTH teams during the win vs. Osceola. Knox notched 14 points and two steals, and grabbed nine rebounds in the process. According to, they list Knox as a two-star with medium interest from George Mason, Columbia, and Hofstra. Should he improve upon playing like this, that should change from “medium” to “high”.

Nicholas Kern – Vashon: This was just a stat-line I couldn’t ignore: 16 points, four rebounds, three steals, in TWELVE TOTAL MINUTES—and he’s just a 6’5” sophomore. His Vashon squad did not win, but the future is EXTRA bright for him and his team if he continues to produce like that with whatever minutes are given to him. 247Sports lists him with “cool” interest from Depaul. More names should get added to the list as he continues to age and play at this level.