Posted On: 12/14/18 5:54 PM

Each December Bartlett High School hosts an amazing assortment of high-end basketball games. The grouping of 2018 is no different, possibly markedly better than recent years. Memphis East, Hamilton Heights Christian Academy, Bartlett, Briarcrest Christian, Raleigh-Egypt. These are four of the best five or six teams in the state. Combined these particular teams have fewer than five losses after a month of basketball.

Friday games tipped at 3:00 PM Central with two girls’ basketball games breaking up the schedule a touch.

For the full breakdown of the four games, keep on scrolling!


Friday, Dec. 14: Briarcrest (91) over Ridgeway (72)

Briarcrest Christian opened the Ultimate South Showcase in style with a convincing win over Ridgeway. Kennedy Chandler and his wings outperformed the Ridgeway guards. . Chandler the way with 26 points, while Marcellus Brigham Jr. (22), Michael Malone (16) scored in double figures too. With the win the Saints of Briarcrest are 7-0 midway through December.

Willie Wilson helped Ridgeway to get to 72 points as the wing filled in 14 points. To his credit Wilson finished off four free throws against a physical frontline. Helping Wilson o the attack were Kendall Thomas (14) and LJ Monger (11).

In the next two years be aware of sophomores Terrance Burks and Cameron Donegan of Ridgeway. Both are top 40 players in the @PrepHoopsTN Class of 2021. Burks hovers just outside the top 20 as Donegan is #40 in the state, largely because he is 5-foot-7. His basketball I.Q. is tremendous and will be for years to come.

Ridgeway falls to 4-5, but they have won four of their last six games including their only district contest thus far: December 4th @Collierville.



Friday, Dec. 14: Christian Brothers (71) versus Germantown (49)

Two completely different teams dashed out of the Bartlett High locker rooms Friday evening. A sputtering Germantown team, though also clad in white, hunted their first win in nearly a month against an efficient Christian Brothers outfit lead by guards Chandler Jackson and Reese McMullen.

From the jump Christian Brothers displayed better team defense and more than year’s past CBHS elected to run up the floor. Sophomore guards Eli Federman and Reese McMullen deliberately broke down the initial defender and quickly found a dangerous pass recipient under the rim.

Despite a proud, late second quarter run from Germantown’s guards the homestanding Purple Wave entered the locker room halfway home up 36-19.

The fourth quarter lacked relevance and starters. Deep benches with Chandler Jackson stepped onto the deck. Unsurprisingly, Christian Brothers won the battle of the benches too.

As an NHL 2006 video game announcer coined, “ain’t nothing left but the crying.”

Chandler Jackson, a sparkling freshman, earned MVP after scoring 19 points with five assists.

Friday, Dec. 14: Raleigh-Egypt(78) versus Springdale Prep (42)

Raleigh-Egypt is the Class AA state favorite.  Their depth is tremendous.  Further, most of the team are seniors that took some uncomfortable beatings last season.  They are hungry and ready to capture the glory that awaits them.  Deovaunta Williams played with great speed.  In the open floor Williams’ speed killed.  Quintavious Bailey again proved he can play quality basketball.  Bailey outrebounded bigger players routinely.  He also hit a three-pointer.  If he can manage the outside shot in the next year he has MM potential.  Wonderful athlete at the 3/4 now. 

Friday, Dec. 14:

Hamiton Heights Christian Academy (85) versus Bartlett (83) 

HHCA’s Hawks  (13-1)  won, but it wasn’t easy.  Bartlett (11-1) absorbed their first loss of the season.

Early offense from Bartlett shocked the generally dominating Hamilton Heights Christian Academy.  Jefferson Walker scored 12 first half points and Sylvester Thompson dazzled in tight paces.  Picking up the burden in the third quarter, Wynne Brown Jr. sliced into the lane against HHCA’s sputtering guard defense.

HHCA made their way back in the game on the shoulders of Jordan Rawls, Jason Jitoboh, and Drew Williams.  Samson Ruzhentsev was pretty quiet and Bayron Matos didn’t give much offensively.  Rawls delivered a wonderful second half with bravery and brains.

The speed and fury of Bartlett completely left the gym as Bartlett attempted to play slow with the lead.  It was uninspiring and tepid.

Unisgned senior center Jitoboh battled through a swamp of arms to finish over and over in the paint. Jitoboh finished with 19 points.  HHCA coaches had him for 21, which is more likely as they know their players personally.

Hamilton Heights faces Memphis East Saturday night at Bartlett High School.  Tickets are $10 for the entire day.