Posted On: 12/15/18 11:19 AM

I took in five games on Friday at Victory Rock for the SIAA Crossover.

Here are the results.

Central Pointe Christian 88, Downey Christian 60

Oldsmar Christian 73, Inspire Prep 45

The Rock 82, Superior Collegiate 57

DME 66, Victory Rock 58

Potter’s House 79, West Oaks 70

The Rock

—Using a big run in the second half, The Rock overcame some first half woes to take down Superior Collegiate. 2019 6’9″ forward Dardan Kapiti and 2019 6’5″ guard Jaden Campbell each scored 20 points while 2020 6’4″ guard Alec Oglesby recorded 10 points and 2019 6’0″ guard Bryan Greenlee had eight points. 

—Kapiti, a FAU signee was putting back dunks and getting inside with ease. Campbell turned up his play late in the second quarter and continued to attack. Oglesby had some bright moments as a mid-range shooter. Greenlee was in full command of the offense and earned an offer from Loyola after the game.


—In the tough nosed win over Victory Rock, it was the trio of 2019 6’3″ guard Malcolm Farrington (Arkansas State signee), 2021 6’10” forward Moussa Diabate and 2019 6’7″ forward Vadim Clanet. The three DME starters combined for 47 of the team’s 66 points.

—Diabate is a joy to watch with his endless energy and constant fun approach. The lengthy forward is a good ballhandler who gets all over the floor. He finished with a team-high 22 points. Clanet finds a way to contribute as a driver and shooter as he ended up with 15 points. Farrington rarely makes a mistake as the lead point man and commands a lot of attention from defenses. He had 10 points.

Victory Rock

—2019 6’3″ guard Kolton Mitchell looks like a different version of himself this season. He ran away with the offense at times, using his pure strength, speed and vocal leadership to his advantage. The senior guard is playing confident as he scored 22 points for his side. Another impressive piece for the Blue Devils was 2020 6’8″ Aly Sakho was using his jumper to his advantage as he contributed 12 points to the cause.

Potter’s House

—2019 6’3″ guard Marsei Caston wasn’t missing much in the night cap win over West Oaks. He was drilling 3’s at a high clip including a series of three in a row to finish with a team-high 24 points. 2020 6’3″ guard Mayoum Mayoum added 19 points, scoring in transition and hitting from the corners in a solid performance.  2019 6’7″ forward Dontavius King (College of Charleston signee) hustled his way to 15 points with a couple of monster dunks.

West Oaks

—It was the Tyrell Jones show against Potter’s House as the Auburn signee flashed his all-around creativeness and skills. The 2019 6’1″ guard scored 24 points leading the charge. 2019 5’10” guard Jordan Smith pitched in with 12 points while 2019 6’7″ Alic Troutman had 11 points.

Central Pointe Christian

—With FGCU watching, 2020 6’6″ guard Victor Rosa found fire in the victory over Downey Christian. He had 33 points, connecting on nine 3-pointers. 2019 6’2″ guard Jeriel Zayas emerged from the day with a 15-point effort.

Oldsmar Christian

—2020 6’5″ guard Jadrian Tracey was in full command of the offense with an 18-point game in the win over Inspire Prep. As for 2019 6’8″ forward Jelal Williams he was making things happen in the paint with his length, adding 16 points. 2019 6’4″ guard Braxton Bartlett had a ton of energy and poise with his 11 point night.

Superior Collegiate

—The most consistent threat offensively on the afternoon was 2020 6’5″ guard Miguel Miranda. He really impressed me with his hard nosed and gritty attacks on the way to 14 points. 2019 6’5″ guard Terrell Sanders and 2020 6’3″ guard Khalil Shaheed each had 10 points for Superior Collegiate.

Downey Christian

—2020 5’8″ guard Julian Newman led Downey Christian with 23 points, shooting 3’s early and often. 2021 6’3″ guard Emmanuel Maldonado had an 11-point outing and continues to prove his worth as an emerging sophomore.

Inspire Prep

—2020 6’2″ guard Khalyl Simmons led Inspire Prep with 11 points. He was the lone true threat for his side in a game that didn’t go their way.