Posted On: 12/3/18 5:25 PM

The Minnesota high school basketball season is now here so I’m sure you are looking for some people to follow for daily coverage on Twitter.  We give you some ideas today.

Now, these are just ten guys/handles that we know will keep you updated on games around the state.  The good thing about these ten handles is that they will also tie in several handles from local media in different parts of the state, the many different high school team twitter handles, and the several grassroots handles that also talk about games, scores, and results.  If you follow these ten people they will branch you all over the state for daily results. 

Matt Bigelow at @M_Biggs_ 

Matt is a former player at Monticello who works in the online sports world AND the newspaper industry.  Bigs has been busting his tail covering everybody in the state all fall at NHR so give him a follow!

Kevin Alsteens at @tchoopsczar 

Kevin aka the TC Hoops Czar will see more games and players than you, I, and everyone else combined.  Somebody once said that getting to games isn’t a skill, but that is madness.  This guy will find his way to gyms every night of the week and three times on Saturday!  Check out his blog and twitter.

Alex Conover at @NorthstarAlex 

The social media superstar was taught by one of the best (Michael J Much) with the camera and has taken that knowledge and ran with it!  Alex does a fantastic job taking the photos and videos you want to see, while mingling it up with a big smile!  All the photos you see on my twitter, on this site, that’s Alex!


This twitter handle brings you so many scores and casts a big light on so many of the hardworking journalists and radio reporters around the state of Minnesota.  His passion is big and the amount of results he gives is bigger, have a follow!

Max Wagner at @FreshCoastHoops 

This young college student at the beautiful University of Minnesota has done a great job getting out to games and bringing fans the highlights of contests we weren’t able to see.  He also wrote his first article today at NHR!

Jared Martinson at @JaredNHR 

When Jared isn’t wearing his Bill Walton jersey or talking Bethel sports he is talking about Minnesota high school basketball on a very active social media account. A former player at Maple Grove High School Jared has really stepped up his content as of late keeping it fun and creative. 


Looking for results from any given night of basketball?  Make sure you head to this twitter handle and/or to see my favorite lay-out of the records of each section and conference.  Minnesota Scores makes life as a basketball fan so much easier. 

Star Tribune  at @mnbasketballhub 

The Star Tribune’s twitter handle brings you nightly scores and also links to the articles they write each week.  Looking for a result each night?  Star Tribune is another place that you can commonly look

North Star Hoops Report at @NorthstarHoops 

When it comes to the amount of players covered, the amount of articles written, the numerous type of features, NHR is the leader.  Miss something that may have went through NHR’s daily content list?  The twitter handle will have it linked.  

Ryan James at @RyanJamesMN

That’s my twitter handle, I also cover basketball.