Arizona 6A

Posted On: 12/22/18 11:59 AM

What a season it has been thus far! As teams are gearing up for their holiday tournaments, it is pretty safe to say that we are officially mid-way in the season. Since we are about halfway through the season, I thought it would be appropriate to look at the potential state championship contenders. Please be advised that these are my own opinions, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Here are the state championship contenders for 4A:

1. Shadow Mountain (Current AZ Preps Rank: 2)

While Shadow Mountain is currently ranked 2nd in 4A, I think it would be very unwise to see them anything but the favorite in 4A. They have dominated the Arizona basketball scene and I expect them to continue their dominance throughout the season. As long as Shadow Mountain has Jaelen House and Jovan Blacksher on their roster, they are the 4A favorites. 

2. Salpointe Catholic (Current AZ Preps Rank: 1)

Another dynamic duo in 4A rests in the hands of Evan Nelson and Majok Deng. Both of these great young men are terrific scorers and should lead their team back to the state championship game against Shadow Mountain. Don’t forget that Salpointe almost had Shadow Mountain beat last year, until a huge 4th quarter comeback. If there’s a team in 4A that can beat Shadow Mountain, its Salpointe. 

3. Buckeye Union (Current AZ Preps Rank: 4)

Buckeye Union also has their own dynamic duo (Otis Frazier/Tay Boothman), and soon to be trio (once Isaiah Marin is cleared to play). I think Marin will help this team in a very big way and his return shoots them into the conversation of potential state champions more than they already have been in the conversation. Otis Frazier has been playing at a completely new level, scoring 51 points the other night. I’ve been really impressed with Frazier especially and expect him to lead them to a great run at the championship.