Posted On: 12/7/18 6:00 AM

This past Sunday PrepHoopsIllinois was at the annual Ridgewood Shootout where we took in four games.  Here we breakdown the prospects involved in the event.  This is our Ridgewood Shootout Evaluations Part 1!


F Steve Aragones (Joliet West – 2020)

Aragones is a 6’4” forward that we saw early in his career and liked his potential.  We didn’t see him much over the last year, but he came off the bench to provide some key production for Joliet West.  Face up four man that is slightly undersized.  He drilled a corner three as well as a pick/pop one.  Quality area rebounder with mobility.  Finished with 9 points.


SG Jermere Hill (Joliet West – 2020)

This 6’1” point guard is a good ball handler in traffic.  Quality on ball defender that got a couple steals including one that he stole and took the other way.  He had 5 points.


PF Ashawn Burbridge (Joliet West – 2021)

Burbridge is a 6’4” power forward that intrigued us during the summer with Illinois T-Wolves.  The undersized four man is an excellent rebounder that has a feel for where it is coming off and aggressively going after it.  Missed a couple bunnies early, but then got rolling getting on the offensive glass for put backs.  He also had a sweet up and under.  Finished with 8 points and 5 rebounds.


PG Austin Freeman (St. Patrick’s – 2019)

Freeman is a 6’2” combo guard that was slippery through traffic getting to the rim.  Was in attack mode throughout the game with his quality ball handling.  Decent pull up jump shooter.  Active defender as well that used anticipation to pressure the ball.  He had 17 points.


SG Jakob Medina (St. Patrick’s – 2019)

Medina is a 6’3” shooting guard that was outstanding early in their contest against Joliet West.  He is a scoring wing that hit a three as well as a runner in the paint.  Got loose a few times in transition.  Scored 12 points in their win.


C Joe Fanning (St. Patrick’s – 2020)

Fanning is a huge body at 6’6” 320 pounds.  He looks more like a college offensive lineman than basketball post prospect.  Although he is huge he actually has very good footwork for his size.  Very efficient finisher around the hoop.  Had a couple of impressive left handed hooks.  Got on the offensive glass for multiple put backs.  Under the rim big man.  Fanning had 16 points.


SG Enes Prijic (Ridgewood – 2019)

Ridgewood had a tough game against Maine South, but there was a bright spot with this team in their 6’4” shooting guard.  Prijic has positional size and can really shoot the ball.  Was money on spot up threes throughout their game.  He has a clean release with consistent mechanics.  Has some athletic pop as well high pointing rebounds and showed he could handle in the open floor.  Went for 14 points.


SF Kevin Czyzewski (Ridgewood – 2020)

Excellent size on the perimeter out of this junior at 6’6”.  Needs to add strength to max out his physical upside.  Scored on a layup off a nice curl.  Got to the line on another shot.  Overall it was a quiet game, but we think he has some upside.  Finished with 5 points.


PG Eric Clancy (Ridgewood – 2019)

Clancy is a scrappy 5’11” point guard.  Did a nice job of getting others involved.  Found his big men on dump off passes.  Moved the ball up the floor in transition.


PG John Duszynski (Ridgewood – 2020)

This 6’2” junior point guard was most effective with his shooting.  Drilled a pair of spot up threes.  Also was consistent from mid-range on a pair of pull up jumpers from 15 feet.  No lift at all on his shot.  He had 10 points.


SG Fillip Bulatovic (Maine South – 2019)

Bulatovic is a prospect that we have consistently felt was flying under the radar.  He is a strong wing at 6’4” that is also a quality athlete.  He is crafty on his drives to the hoop connecting on runners and also got out in transition for some scores.  Decent passer as well including a sweet wrap around dime.  He had 17 points.


G Essam Hamwi (Maine South – 2019)

Hamwi is a combo guard that can really score it.  Opened slow with an air ball, but then went to work for the rest of the game.  He drilled multiple threes and scored on creative takes off the dribble.  Hamwi also proved he can play some point at the next level with the way he dished the rock.  Defensively he got in passing lanes and turned them into scores on the other end.  Went for 16 points.


SF Dan Crane (Maine South – 2019)

Crane is a 6’3” gritty small forward.  He is super scrappy and got on the offensive glass multiple times for put backs.  Very active offensive rebounder.  Scored a layup on a dribble hand  off.  He had 6 points.


PF John Gardiner (Maine South – 2019)

This 6’6” power forward is extremely efficient around the hoop.  The big man got on the glass rebounding well in his area.  Quietly goes about his job getting boards and finishing when given the opportunity.  He had 7 points.