Posted On: 12/5/18 9:21 AM

After a summer of hard work, (2021) Dane Wissenbach is hoping to see that hard work pay dividends on the court. “The work that I’ve done throughout the summer has helped me immensely. I have spent a lot of time in the weight room which has helped prepare me for the speed and physicality of varsity basketball. Also, while attending PGC clinics we focused a lot on handling pressure, being a play-maker, and what it takes to be a leader which has also been really helpful. I’ve also seen a huge improvement in my shot which has come from all the hours in the gym.”

This season Wissenbach is on the varsity and contributing in any way he can. Wissenbach is very quick and has great acceleration. He is also a good ball handler and distributes the ball well. When asked how he makes his team better he said, “I feel like I make the team better in lots of ways. I always try to bring lots of energy and enthusiasm to every practice, drill, and game. I always try to focus on being unselfish and being a great teammate and making my teammates better by pushing them and being a leader. I also am extremely vocal and focus on communicating to help make sure everyone knows what’s going on.  I also try to contribute with the little things like hustling, rebounding, playing tough defense, and knowing that doing these things will make the points come naturally. In addition, I try to use my natural abilities of my quickness and speed to put a lot of pressure on the opposing team by pushing the ball and putting pressure on the rim.”

Wissenbach says that his favorite part of playing basketball is the relationships. “I love the relationships that you build playing this game, especially with traveling and attending different camps around the area. I also love the team aspect of playing basketball. Each individual has a specific role and everyone has to come together to have success. The lessons you learn are invaluable and prepare you for things you will face later in life.”

Wissenbach does’t really try and pattern his game after just one player but pick up positive attributes from various players. He also has a goal to play at the next level for a team that “has a very strong culture and team environment with strong core values such as, communication, energy, and teamwork.” 

Wissenbach is hopping to help his team make the state tournament this year and have success there. So far this year the Marsh Valley Eagles are 2-0.