Posted On: 12/31/18 10:55 AM

Just a couple months after stringing together one of the finer seasons in recent Iowa high school football history, PCM’s Reed Worth is now dominating on the hardwood.

The 5-foot-10 quarterback is currently averaging 23.6 points per game for the 6-2 Mustangs as a guard. And, not surprisingly, it’s his ability to shoot it, much like his ability to pass it on the football field, that’s been his bread and butter.

“I’m a set shooter, that’s what I do best,” said Worth. “But I’ve been trying to develop into a better off the dribble shooter and I’ve been working a lot on finishing at the hoop and quickness, foot-speed.”

As a junior hooper, Worth played a much smaller role, he averaged 10.9 points per game. This season, in addition to the much-improved productivity, it’s his leadership that’s made the biggest difference.

“It’s just knowing what your role is and being a leader, we got young guys that need to have confidence, so as the year goes on my job is to instill more confidence in those guys,” said Worth.

So is it going to football or basketball for Worth in college? Despite throwing for 2,397 yards and 30 touchdowns (just four INTs), he says it’s basketball he wants to pursue.

“My dream, what I want to do, is play basketball in college. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do, my freshman, sophomore, junior year is play next level basketball,” said Worth, who did say football is still a possibility.

“As the season went on last year and junior year started ending, football has also become an opportunity. What I want to do is play basketball and football is something I can fall back on if the basketball opportunities isn’t what I want.”

Worth says opportunities are starting to roll in for both sports, mostly local small college stuff.

“People say they want me (for football) and they would love to have me on their team; and it’s not like any Division I schools, it’s the Simpsons, Coe Coelleges, Loras,” said Worth.

“It’s kind of been the same thing for basketball. Mount Mercy was the first one to contact me and they have been the most. And then Buena Vista is a big one I’m interested in, and Central, Waldorf, Iowa Wesleyan a little bit.”

For now, though, Worth — who already won a football title this season — has his sights set on winning football and basketball titles as a senior.

“I hope we can get to state, I think we have the potential, it’s just whether or not we make shots at the right time,” said Worth. “Recruiting-wise, I just want to find a school where I fit best at, and where I feel comfortable at. A place where I can reach my full potential, and just love it.”