Prospect Spotlight: Luke Triggs (2021)


Posted On: 12/3/18 7:54 PM

It’s not the easiest task to jump from zero varsity minutes a contest as a freshman to the starting lineup as a sophomore. However, Battlefield’s center, Luke Triggs, is making it look easy.

Triggs is a developing talent in the Virginia ranks that understands the roots of the post. The center is in his first year of varsity basketball and has already showcased a high IQ. His court awareness compliments his baby jump hook shot that not many sophomores have in their arsenal.

In the first few games of the season, Triggs has proved that he is a name to keep an eye on. On the block, he uses his entire frame to go up strong and finish with authority.

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Defensively, Triggs tallies multiple blocks each time he hits the hardwood and does a good job recognizing when he should stay on his feet and put his arms straight up. Not many teams get offensive boards on the Bobcats thanks to Triggs boxing out abilities. He does a good job finding a man and sealing to give him an effortless go at the rock.

Down the road, Triggs is looking to expand his offensive game outside the block, as it is vital these days to make it to the next level of play. He has the footwork that will make the transition a lot easier then one would expect, and also possesses a smooth jump shot – simply needs a quicker release.

“I’m trying to improve my ball handling a lot,” Triggs said. “I’m looking to get into the lane from the mid-range.”

Triggs ran with Higher Level this past AAU season, but only being a sophomore; he hasn’t received any traction from college programs.

This will likely change, folks.