Posted On: 12/6/18 2:37 PM

Already with six Division I offers to his name, 6-foot-10 combo-forward Coleman Hawkins could add significantly to that list by the end of next summer.

Formerly of Antelope, Hawkins is now at Prolific Prep in Napa Valley, and is continuing to cultivate a skill-set that’s already gotten him plenty of attention out west.

“My biggest strength is probably my shooting and my passing, I feel like I pass pretty well for my height,” said Hawkins, who plays the four at Prolific Prep, which is reminiscent of a point-forward role.

“The four-man is kind of like the quarterback here, setting up plays and stuff like that.”

Hawkins, Prep Hoops Nor-Cal’s 3rd-ranked 2020,  says being able to switch off bigs and handle guards defensively is a priority of his right now.

“Defensively, I’m pretty good at blocking shots. But I’ve been working much harder on my defense, just sitting down and being able to guard guards,” he said.

After spending his underclassmen years at Antelope, Hawkins made the switch to Prolific Prep, and says things have been working out well.

“Everything has been going pretty good, we’ve been coming more together as a team, we all get along super good, we all share the ball,” said Hawkins.

“Going from Antelope to Prolific has had a huge impact because I’m playing against some of the best players in the nation almost every game.”

Recruitment for Hawkins started to spike this past offseason, while he was playing on the adidas Gauntlet with Dream Vision. Currently, he holds offers from USC, Arizona, San Diego State, Rutgers, Detroit-Mercy and Illinois.

Hawkins was clear in expressing that he wants to get his name known all around the country this summer.

“I want to get my name out to coaches on the East Coast. I want to get my name down south, I want to get my name everywhere all around the nation,” said Hawkins. “I don’t want to just be a West Coast kid, I want to get my name out there.”

So, those East Coast schools have been put on notice: Hawkins wants to talk.

“I’m not scared to travel, I’m not scared to go out of my comfort zone and go far away to play basketball,” he said. “So, ya, I’m just really trying to get my name out there on the East Coast and became a national name by this summer.”