Posted On: 12/10/18 4:39 PM

Challis High Schools Ross Sheppeard (2019) is on of those kids who can go full throttle all game long. He has a motor that doesn’t stop and a toughness not all athletes have. At 5’11” 175 lbs Sheppeard (2019) is very strong and athletic. He has good lateral quickness and can defend very well. Since his freshman year he has played on the varsity team. “My high school career has been very fun and competitive, I have played varsity for 4 years and started varsity the past 3 years.”  This year, like the last 2, Challis will rely heavily on Sheppeard (2019) to lead them.  

When asked how he would describe his game, Sheppeard (2019) said, “I would describe my game as very versatile because I score from the post and shoot and drive and work hard on defense.  I don’t necessarily specialize in any one area just work on my all around improvement.” In trying to improve his game Sheppeard (2019) says, “I work on free throws and shooting and work quite a bit on post play with my teammates in practice and outside of practice.” 

Most of Sheppeard’s (2019) off season play has been with his team at various tournaments where they have been tournament champions twice. When I asked him what his favorite basketball memory was he said, “Probably winning the Carey Summer Tournament.” This year he and the Challis Vikings have a goal to make it to the state tournament and win it.