Posted On: 12/4/18 10:51 AM

The 6’11 15 year old (yes he’s only 15) Lawson Lovering isn’t new to Utah, although he plays in Wyoming and is only 30 minutes away from the Colorado boarder. Lawson travels in the spring and summer to play club basketball for Exum Elite under Head Coach Tim Davis. The 2021 prospect is a sight to behold because of his natural talent. His basketball game is quite mature for his age as well.

Lawson plays high school basketball at Cheyenne Central High School, WY. His freshman year Lawson averaged 12 points, 7 rebounds, 3 blocks and 2 assist a game playing varsity as a freshman. Lawson is a HM prospect, his ceiling is high and we expect him to average close to 20 points per game and 10 to 12 rebounds per game. 

Watching Lawson play this summer you can see that raw yet natural talent. Lawson’s mother and father are both collegiate athletes themselves and expected him to be tall, but maybe not that tall. Lawson’s father Bill is a former shooting guard that stands at 6’4.His mother 6’3 Jennifer is a Chief Master Sargent in the Air Force and has been serving for 18 years. It is apparent that there is a lot of drive and discipline in this household that translates to the basketball floor.

Currently Lawson does hold offers from Baylor, Boise State and Wyoming. I know Lawson is on the 2021 big board on a lot of HM schools across the country. He is expected to be 7’0 to 7’1 and at that size he will rack up more offers. His standing reach is 9’1 and has a wingspan over 7’0. The thing that impresses us most about Lawson is the fact that he can score with his back to the basket or facing up. This off season he has been trying to continue to develop his handles and perimeter shooting. 

With Lawson living in a town that is not necessarily known for hoops he is still ranked 98th nationally in his recruiting class. He passes the eyeball test and will continue to develop and get stronger as he get’s older. If his team would travel to a tournament were he could get seen outside of Colorado he would be noticed. Lawson is a prospect that could carry his team deep into the playoffs this year. 

We look forward to watching Lawson develop through the years and seeing the offers start to come in. Good luck this season.