Posted On: 12/31/18 3:15 PM

The Perry-Spencer Holiday Tournament was a great day for us, giving some solid looks at plenty of talent, both known and unknown. Now, we recap our day and breakdown those players we saw.

#12 Ben Meier – 6’0 SG 2019 – Boonville (IN)
**12 points against Crawford County (IN)**
Ben is a solid guard who was money from distance in this one. He hit four threes, three off the catch and one on a nice pull-up.  He showed he had a little bit of range as well.  He has solid handles and a good body with strength to play. However, he’s a little more suited to play off the ball where he can get more focused on scoring and coming off screens. Was pretty good when he was moving.  Solid senior guard to watch.

#23 Hunter Bruce – 6’5 PF 2020 – Boonville (IN)
**14 points against Crawford County (IN)**
Hunter is a big forward who looked pretty solid in this one. He is more of a four-man now and while his passing was something that needs improved, his shooting was on and he has also added to his ability to play in the post. He was great off the catch but had the handles to create into the mid-range, most notably a drive to his left hand with a pull-up at 15’.  In the post, he can rebound well and got a couple points off of that but was also good as a back-to-the-basket scorer. He looks more and more like an inside-out guy with some good production on the wing.

#30 Colton Nickelson – 6’4 SF 2020 – Crawford County (IN)
**21 points against Boonville (IN)**
Colton is a big forward who was pretty good all over the floor.  He was playing in transition, on the wing, and on the low block. At 6’4, he’s got enough muscle and plenty of athleticism to make plays.  He drove a few times using a nice little hook, tough finishes at the rim for contact, and speed to play in the open floor and in transition. Liked his handles and for a guy that is going to play off the ball and on the wing, he’s plenty capable of driving to create.  Jumper looked really solid as well hitting three jumpers, two from distance.

#25 Christian Carlton – 5’11 PG 2019 – Crawford County (IN)
**11 points against Boonville (IN)**
Christian is a light guard who can play on the ball and has quite a bit of speed in the open floor. He played tough at the rim but needs a little more strength to finish through the contact.  Was good in the lane as he showed a little hook/floater hybrid. Jumper was okay but not as crisp as it could have been. Did some work in both transition and the halfcourt. Solid game from the lead guard.

#11 Jace Kelly – 5’11 PG 2021 – South Spencer (IN)
**36 points against Corydon Central (IN)**
Kelly is a small guard with some handles and shooting ability. He’s a little on the light side but could still grow a bit and add some weight. However, he plays very tough and was drawing contact on his drives to the rim.  His jumper was on today and hit three triples off the catch but his release was a little slow. Can speed it up just a bit and should be fine.  Loved his aggressiveness in the lane and wasn’t afraid to get to the rim against more length or size and at the end of the game, racked up free throws after he already had 20+ points through three quarters.  Has a lot of shift in his drive as well and can slash in and out of defenders. Interesting point guard option.

#22 Kobe Bartlett – 6’2 SG 2021 – South Spencer (IN)
**9 points against Corydon Central (IN)**
Kobe is a solid guard with some height and a little strength already. He was really solid as a perimeter wing that could hit jumpers.  Hit three of them off the catch and had some other little drives to the rim. With his frame, he should be able to develop into a solid wing with the height already and shouldn’t have any problem adding weight. Want to see if he can develop anything beyond the perimeter game.

#5 Joey Wiseman – 5’10 PG 2019 – Corydon Central (IN)
**12 points against South Spencer (IN)**
Joey is a strong lead guard who made plays on the wing and in the lane. He was pretty solid in the second half where he was trying to get to the rim and draw contact to help slow down the pace and close the gap.  Has really good speed and was getting some steals out in the passing lanes for easy buckets. He also showed the perimeter jumper, hitting a nice three off the catch and a mid-range pull-up.  High IQ guard with some solid balance in his offensive skills.

#41 Bradley Nalley – 6’6 SF 2019 – Corydon Central (IN) [Committed to American University]
**17 points against South Spencer (IN)**
Nalley is a big wing with a great jumper. He was excellent in the mid-range where he pulled more than a few times and hit off the dribble. Was really good handling the ball from three to about 12’. He struggled getting to the rim, though. Looked off balance and couldn’t really finish well when he did.  Was pretty solid in transition as he was a good rebounder that could put it on the floor and go.  Needs to find some more explosion at the rim so he can go above defenders and finish. He’s getting thrown off too much staying at eye level.

#14 Langdon Hatton – 6’9 C 2021 – North Harrison (IN)
**12 points against Perry Central (IN)**
This was one of the better performances we have seen from Hatton. The 6’9 post was trying it all. He’s not afraid to try and make a play. Not always finishing, he only had 12 points, but he was really active inside the paint using a very wide array of moves. He’s good enough at all of them that they would work at any time.  His hands look better, grabbing boards pretty well and effectively.  Was also more comfortable playing out on the wing and creating a bit off the bounce. He’s gotten better and taller, and more agile. Given the amount of time he has to develop, it would be fun to see what he looks like at the end of it.

#44 Ethan Oakley – 6’8 PF 2022 – North Harrison (IN)
**6 points against Perry Central (IN)**
Oakley is a big forward with a lot of agility and mobility. He was great in transition as a guy that could pull in the board and take it up the floor.  He didn’t really show any shooting ability today but was really solid inside. Had a couple tough scores on the low block on the right side.  He’s got a ton of strength for freshman and should have no problems refining the body. Looked a bit taller, probably about 6’8 now, and was impressed with his confidence playing with the ball and on the wing. 

#24 Logan McIntire – 6’0 SG 2022 – North Harrison (IN)
**15 points against Perry Central (IN)**
Logan is a slight guard with a frame that needs strength but he can really shoot the ball. He was locked in and hit four threes, all off the catch. Shot had a nice release, a little too much of an arch but was high and quick and good.  He’s got some handles, not likely to stay on the ball but enough that with time over the next few years he can develop different aspects of his game.  

#12 Simon Scherry – 6’2 PG 2020 – Heritage Hills (IN)
**9 points, 6 assists, 2 steals against Tell City (IN)**
In one of the best performances we saw all week, Heritage Hills guard Simon Scherry put on a display scoring the ball well but leading the team through his play and his passing ability. Easily the best skill he has right now is his passing. Was hitting dump offs and entry passes in a pretty impressive way as well as transition bounce passes through traffic.  His shooting was solid but will need to see a little more production on offense.  He’s a tall point guard with really good strength and a frame that is ready to go for college. Very interesting prospect that could emerge state wide pretty soon.

#44 Murray Becher – 6’4 SF 2020 – Heritage Hills (IN)
**14 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists against Tell City (IN)**
Murray is a big wing who can play well on the perimeter and has a frame that has a ton of strength on it now. He could still grow a bit and would be huge for him because if he ever got north of 6’5, his skillset should play huge as the players that would defend him would have trouble as he’s pretty quick, with his strength, and can create off the bounce. He did a lot of his work on the baseline, pulling-up or catching one a cut to the rim.  However, the jumper looks good and his mentality is built more on attacking.  His passing was solid and defensively, he can cause issues for guards as he’s quick enough to stay and very physically imposing. More of a 1-3 defender right now.  Was impressed by his whole body of work, contributing in so many ways.  

#52 Blake Sisley – 6’7 PF 2021 – Heritage Hills (IN)
**9 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals against Tell City (IN)**
Sisley is a long, lean forward that plays more as a wing that can post than vice versa.  However, this game was tough as he was getting fronted and doubled a ton but he was still able to impact things hitting a big three late in the game and had a mid-range jumper off the catch as well. He picked up the rebounding in the second half and can be a very effective scoring threat in the low post as his agility play really well along with his length.  Again, wasn’t his best game and part of that was the goal of the opposing defense, but still a solid outing.

#32 Braeden Beard – 6’6 PF 2019 – Tell City (IN)
**12 points, 12 rebounds against Heritage Hills (IN)**
Beard is a big forward that played very, very well in this matchup. Scoring 12 points when your goal was more about shutting down Sisley and having to front the post all night long, he did really well. He’s more of a face-up guy on offense and was doing it well with the ball in his hands too. He has improved the handle quite a bit and felt comfortable with him driving from 18’ and did it using toughness and a spin-move.  He was very physical all game and especially on the boards and racked up a bunch of them including 5 on the offensive end.  Would be a really good fit for a DIII/NAIA program that needs versatility from their 4/5 spots.

#40 Dustin Hunt – 6’1 SF 2019 – Tell City (IN)
**9 points, 4 rebounds against Heritage Hills (IN)**
Dustin is an undersized wing but did a lot of things in this game to make his presence felt. The wing was really effective as an interior threat and while he only got four boards, two were on offense and he scored four points off of them.  He also showed a perimeter jumper that could be a bigger part of his game.  Drove to the rim really well and has a ton of strength and seemed to use it well, even against bigger opponents.  Probably more of a 2/3 but would need to add more shooting to his offense.