Posted On: 12/24/18 11:19 AM

With the new format to the season, we are looking to do more full on player breakdowns. They will come on Fridays and Sundays. This version is our full-week breakdown with games from Monday to Saturday. This week I watched Frankton vs. Wapahani, Northwestern vs. Frankfort, and New Albany vs. Pike.

Ryan Detling – 2019 6’7 PF – Frankton
Detling wasn’t great in this one, but he was good enough. He commanded enough attention that Frankton’s guards were able to cut to the rim for multiple baskets. Detling didn’t do much on the offensive end but he was clutch at the line hitting nine free throws. Detling got into position really well but just struggled to finish at the rim. Solid on defense in this one, just not an eye-opening game. – 13 points, 3 rebounds

Kayden Key – 2019 – 6′ SG – Frankton
This was the best I have seen Key play. His jumper was working early on and he played with a super high motor. Key was all over the floor on defense. He didn’t really press anything and waited til he had an opportunity to attack. Key was very good attacking the basket in the open floor. Attacked the boards hard and played a really good all around game. – 23 points, 5 rebounds

Brayton Cain – 2019 – 5’10 PG – Frankton
Cain moved the ball really well early on in the game and he kept it up throughout the game. Cain was spectacular on defense as well getting a ton of deflections and steals. Cain was able to push the ball up the floor and create opportunities for others with his passing ability. It was a really balanced game from Cain and he did a lot of things really well. – 10 points, 5 assists

John Hatzell – 2019 – 6’1 SG – Frankton
Hatzell isn’t going to jump off the board at you but he is effective with what he does. Moves really well without the ball and gets points by being in really good spots to get the ball. Hatzell is going to get his fair share of points right under the basket. He is a rather strong guard who is always looking to make the right play. A really solid role player on this Frankton team. – 9 points, 5 rebounds

Tre Spence – 2020 – 5’11 SG – Wapahani
Spence really caught my attention in this one. He was the first guy off the bench and really played well. He was able to make a splash by making a ton of shots. Spence’s jumper looks really good and he was able to get quite a few midrange jumpers to go down. He is much more athletic than he looks and attacks the boards hard. Didn’t shoot many 3-pointers in this one but didn’t need to. Had one really good put back off a missed shot where he elevated and tipped it back in. Could be a highly sought after guy next year. – 21 points 

Drew Luce – 2020 – 6’1 SG – Wapahani
Luce was Wapahani’s leading scorer coming in to the game but really struggled. He only had three points in the game and didn’t make a shot from the floor. Luce is a tall and well built shooting guard who could really create a shot for himself. Good rebounder from the guard spot but just couldn’t get anything going in this one. – 3 points, 5 rebounds 

Garrett Stanley – 2019 – 5’11 CG – Wapahani
Stanley was the best all around player for Wapahani as he did a little bit of everything. Stanley is a guy who could play either on the ball or off the ball and be comfortable in his role. He gets to the rim pretty effectively and is able to finish. Really good court vision with the ball and was able to pass his teammates open. Really solid combo guard that is able to make plays. 

Tayson Parker – 2020 – 6’1 PG – Northwestern
Parker was much better than I’ve seen him before. He didn’t really ever get into the habit of throwing up shots, in fact, he didn’t really even take many jumpers. Parker was able to use his athleticism to get into the lane and finish at a really high rate. One of the most athletic kids in the state and he has really quick hands on defense getting a ton of deflections. He’s a guy who will be a solid college player just not a likely D1 due to his inconsistent shot. – 29 points, 4 steals

Ben Harris – 2019 – 6’6 SF – Northwestern
Harris was really good in this one. He’s a long and lanky wing who is best on the catch-and-shoot, but is able to create his shot on his own a little bit. A bit of a guy who is under the radar, and I think he could be a sneaky steal at a NAIA or D3 program. Much more aggressive than last year and his game is elevated because of it. Can handle the ball a little bit too which may be the best part of his game as a shooting wing who is able to bring the ball up the floor. – 20 points, 4 steals

Logan Bowser – 2019 – 6′ PG – Northwestern
Bowser was the third option for Northwestern and he can really shoot it. Bowser made four 3-pointers in the game and is is a very solid ball-handler. Makes the right decisions with the ball and never really gets sped up when he is on the ball. Good jumper when he goes into it on the dribble but can also pull up and make it from deep. – 16 points 

Caleb Henry – 2020 – 5’9 PG – Frankfort
Henry reminds me of Ty Bever (Covington) in that they are both pretty small but strong point guards. Henry is a little bit more of a scorer than a passer but he is really good at getting into the land and to the basket. Henry could be a sneaky D3 prospect next year if he gets a little taller. Liked what I saw from him in this one as he brings a little bit of scoring from the guard spot. – 12 points 

Landon Sprigler – 2019 – 5’11 PG – New Albany
Spigler was really impressive in this one. He was able to get to the rim really effectively and score the ball. I thought he did a fine job of handling the pressure that Pike threw at him as a whole during the game. Has a jumper that I think could be a dangerous weapon and looked good when he got it off in traffic. Solid small school option at the point. – 18 points, 3 rebounds

Derrick Stevenson – 2019 – 6’2 SG – New Albany
Stevenson is a guard who didn’t bring a ton of offense in this one. He was able to crash the boards hard and was the most impressive rebounder in the game. He can shoot the ball a little bit but looked more to play his role in this one. A really good rebounding guard whose offensive potential is untapped. – 7 points, 12 rebounds

Julian Hunter – 2020 – 6’4 SF – New Albany
Hunter was much better than the last time I saw him. He is a player who is a bit in the middle of positions right now but stayed down low and really did well. He continually got offensive rebounds and points off of them. Hunter can really elevate and he is quick enough to be a mismatch down low. Really elevates on his shots inside of 7′ where it seems like he just drops the ball into the basket. – 26 points, 9 rebounds

Trey Hourigan – 2020 – 6’5 PF – New Albany
Hourigan is a stretch forward who despite being the tallest guy on the team doesn’t really play down low as much. He shoots the ball at a pretty solid clip from behind the arc and hit two in a row at one point in this one. Hourigan is a guy who is really going to frustrate teams because he’s just so savvy in the way that he plays. – 14 points, 8 rebounds

Ahmoni Jones – 2019 – 6’4 PF – Pike
Jones was unspectacular in this one but you could really see the potential bleed through. Didn’t really get going until the second half when his teammates finally started to throw him the ball. He’s really strong and can move people around in the paint. Jones can shoot it a little bit and is very goos defensively. Still coming around on the offensive end but it is progressing well. – 27 points, 7 rebounds, 4 steals

Chris Robinson – 2019 – 6’2 SG – Pike
Robinson was the main guys scoring for Pike early on when they were struggling to make anything from deep. He was getting to the rim and getting himself in good spots to make plays by getting to the line. Robinson didn’t shoot it from deep that well, but no one on Pike really did. He’s got a lot of potential if he is in the right fit at the next level. Can score the ball at all three levels effectively. – 23 points