Posted On: 12/31/18 3:18 PM

On the third day of our Holiday run, we split time between Indiana Wesleyan Shootout and the Lebanon Holiday Tournament.  We paired these three games together and loaded up our evaluations from the day.

#24 Garrott Ott-Large – 6’3 SF 2020 – LaPorte (IN)
**26 points against Twin Lakes (IN)**
Garrott is a big wing with a great stroke from beyond the arc. He was pretty special in this game, showcasing that shooting ability as he went off for 8 three-pointers.  He hit them all off the catch and was in rhythm pretty early.  Obviously his best skill, however, his passing looked pretty good today as well as he was hitting the up-man in transition and had a couple nice dump-offs for points in the paint.  For Garrott, want to see him slim up the frame and add some more speed. He’s going to have to add a little dribble-drive game just to balance out his offense. However, in the 2020 class he’s one of, if not the best shooter and that is valuable.

#34 Drake Gunn – 6’5 PF 2019 – LaPorte (IN)
**8 points against Twin Lakes (IN)**
Drake is an undersized forward that seemed to play pretty well around the rim. He’s not a guy that can stretch out and doesn’t really have the handles to be able to play on the wing. However, in transition he’s pretty solid and has enough athleticism to beat guys to the rim. He’s a solid rebounder on both ends of the floor, able to go outside of his area and get over the top of guys to do it.  Could be a guy that finds a postgrad year and develops the handles and some more perimeter skills.

#44 Grant Ott-Large – 6’2 SF 2022 – LaPorte (IN)
**7 points against Twin Lakes (IN)**
Grant is in interesting prospect as he’s not a big player right now in terms of height but he was very productive around the rim. Knows how to post up and finish with solid footwork and creativity.  He’s a solid shooter but isn’t really using that in this game right now.  He’s a little bigger right now but could grow a bit more in height and even out the frame and bring some more speed, a place where he is already pretty solid. Eventually, you would think he would be able to play on the wing so if he can kind of pair it all together, he could be one of the diverse scorers in his class.

#20 Clayton Bridwell – 5’9 PG 2022 – Twin Lakes (IN)
**2 points against LaPorte (IN)**
Clayton is a small guard with the handles and ability to create. Thought he was better today than what we say earlier in the year in terms of his ball handling. He was good in the halfcouft, finding some nice drives but didn’t have a ton of success finishing.  He’s going to have to add some more strength to finish tough at the rim. However, he’s really patient and doesn’t make many mistakes for a player that has been give the reigns early on.  

#33 Caden Harker – 6’2 SF 2022 – Twin Lakes (IN)
**6 points against LaPorte (IN)**
This was a better game from Harker than the first one of the year all around. He was good with his ability to play in the paint and be physical. He’s got a great frame and can use the strength now to impact not only the scoring but the boards.  His jumper looked okay but was much more engaged inside.  Handled the ball well and did it in transition where he was able to make a couple plays.  He hit a nice mid-range jumper off the catch. If he can continue to add more scoring into his game, that could really be a draw as he’s already an interesting player.

#41 Jace Stoops – 6’4 PF 2020 – Twin Lakes (IN)
**9 points against LaPorte (IN)**
Jace is a big post player who is a little undersized right now but could still grow. However, he’s physically imposing and seemed to use his body better today.  He also got out in transition and was effective.  His footwork is pretty good and had a couple plays on the low block that were solid including a right handed layup from the mid-post.  He’s got some room to grow still but a potential post prospect in a thin 2020 class.

#20 JR Konieczny – 6’6 SF 2021 – South Bend St. Joseph (IN)
**19 points against Logansport (IN)**
JR is a long, lean forward that looks a little more filled out and maybe a little taller now. This wasn’t his best game shooting the ball as he struggled through the first half, maybe rushing it a bit. Seemed like he slowed it down in the second half and was starting to fall more. The good part today was that when his shot wasn’t falling, he seemed to go away from the jumper and make plays off the bounce and in transition more. The switch to do that mentally is tough for some players.  He also had a nice chase-down block and was solid on the boards. 

#23 Jack Futa – 6’4 SF 2021 – South Bend St. Joseph (IN)
**8 points against Logansport (IN)**
Jack is a solid wing player with handles and seemed to impact the game early on. He sat a ton later in the game for one reason or another but showed the ball handling ability to drive to his right hand and finish with some creativity in the lane.  He didn’t get to show a ton but liked the ability he has on the wing and in transition. With his size, he can create some mismatches as he’s more of a 2 than a 3.  Pretty much did everything right at the rim in the halfcouft and transition.

#21 Adam O’Dell – 6’5 PF 2021 – South Bend St. Joseph (IN)
**9 points against Logansport (IN)**
O’Dell is a big post player with mobility and showed toughness and creativity today.  He was pretty consistent all game long. While his jumper wasn’t really falling, he was adept in the paint at getting his shot off and had more of a dribble-drive game more coming from the mid-range and in. Had a nice spin move in the lane for a layup.  Was also using Hoth hands to finish at the rim.  His best move of the day was he on the right block and spun into the lane to finish with his left hand.  Really creative finish. He’s become more adept at finishing and in the high school setting, he’s so impactful.  

#24 Alex Mossey – 6’8 C 2019 – South Bend St. Jospeh (IN)
**8 points against Logansport (IN)**
Mossey is a big post player who seems to have develop some in the last year. A guy that before wasn’t able to impact the offensive end much, is now creating shots in the post and really looking like he could be productive at the next level.  Did most of his stuff with no dribble in the post and will need to improve that handle to be able to take his game to another level. However, had a great right hand hook and tough finishes to his left hand as well.  Needs a little more strength to finish through contact but is much more improved than a year ago.  Could be a solid center for a small school program.

#3 Sam Skaggs – 6’0 PG 2019 – Logansport (IN)
**23 points, 9 assists, 5 rebounds against South Bend St. Joseph (IN)**
Sam is a solid guard who may end up playing off the ball but was excellent shooting and should have no problems finding offense. The 6’0 guard played well on both ends of the floor and was rebounding at a high level with toughness winning 50/50 balls.  He hit five threes in the game split between off the catch and straight pull-ups with quite a bit of range out to the volleyball line.  He was also driving the ball pretty well, playing aggressive and creating contact at the rim.  Was pretty balanced and had just about everything working for him in this game.  

#11 Will Penny – 6’4 SF 2019 – Logansport (IN)
**27 points, 7 rebounds against South Bend St. Joseph (IN)**
Penny is a long, lanky wing with good size and a developing skill set.  He played one of his best games we have seen as he was shooting the ball at a high level, hitting three catch-and-shoot triples, a mid-range pull-up and was great at the rim.  He was tough at the rim to stop, using more creativity than strength with a nice up-and-under, and getting a lot done in transition too.  He’s always had the skill but not many times has he showed consistency. So far this season, he looks like he might be finally putting it together. If so, raise his level.

#30 Evan Hassett – 6’7 PF 2020 – Logansport (IN)
**12 points against South Bend St. Joseph (IN)**
Hassett is a solid forward with some skill and a nice face-up game. More of a wing forward than a post but showed more work down in the low block than we had seen before.  Had a few nice finishes through contact and was quick to get to the spot. However, his finishing ability was a little hampered with such a quick release giving up some touch. A little refinement would add more points each game.  Either way, his mobility and skill to play inside and out are interesting and could make him a player to watch for next year’s class.

#3 Colin Kenney – 6’1 PG 2019 – Marquette Catholic (IN) [Committed to Furman]
**17 points against Perry Meridian (IN)**
Kenney is a big guard that has really played well and consistent. He’s built really well and has a ton of strength, pair that with his ability to play on the ball and shoot at a high level and you have the making of a pretty good player.  His shot was solid in this game but had some stretches where he was trying to find his offense. But, he’s to the point where even in what we could consider an average game, he puts up 17 points and was more skilled in the lane. Liked his floater and was tougher on drives. 

#4 Joesph Andershock – 6’6 SF 2019 – Marquette Catholic (IN)
**11 points against Perry Meridian (IN)**
Andershock is a big wing forward that has the skill to play on the perimeter.  He has solid range on his jumper and hit a nice catch-and-shoot three early.  Also did better as a driver in this game, handling the ball well in traffic. He’s a guy that provides rebounding ability, ball handling, and some shooting. If he can learn to be a little more aggressive in the lane and just a tick more as a perimeter shooter and see the production go up because all of the underlying skills are there.

#10 Jayden Taylor – 6’3 SG 2021 – Perry Meridian (IN)
**22 points against Marquette Catholic (IN)**
Jayden is a long, rangy guard with handles and a skillset that is going to grow. At 6’3, he has a ton of length and he’s starting to use it more often. Having built his game more around his jumper early on, he’s now a pretty solid creator on the ball. He was great in transition and in the lane. Was effective creating with his right hand, getting into the lane more than a few times. Still hit a nice three off the catch as well. Liked his aggressiveness and was trying to push the tempo quite a bit to his advantage.  Really good scoring guard with size.

#12 Semaj Danley – 6’3 SF 2019 – Perry Meridian (IN)
**9 points against Marquette Catholic (IN)**
Danley is a long, lean wing that has still yet to develop a ton of offensive skill but his raw skills are outstanding. He’s plenty athletic and quick and can play well in transition. However, he still needs a capable jumper, although he did hit one in this game. The release isn’t consistent and he’s not looking for them enough. Most offense comes in the lane as he can drive a little bit. If he can fix and use the jumper more, added with all of the raw skills he has and possibility to be a lock down defender, his stock is still fairly high.

#3 Reggie McDonald – 5’9 PG 2021 – Perry Meridian (IN)
**14 points against Marquette Catholic (IN)**
Reggie is a small guard with tons of speed and nifty creation in the lane. Loved his handles and control of the pace of the game. He was great in transition and pushed it out, scoring and dishing in transition.  Also, his jumper looked solid. He hit a pair of threes off the catch and seemed to have a good release.  He’s small and has decent build and was pretty active defensively. Will be one to watch if this is a normal scoring game for him.