Posted On: 12/21/18 3:15 PM

71st HS Senior Guard Demaurieau Nickleson: D3 and JC programs have been showing interest in what he can do. He has decent height for a guard at about 6’2-6’3, can cause some problems for opponents on the defensive end, and thrives in the up-tempo style of play.

Clinton HS Senior Guard Cameron Lawson: There wasn’t many bright spot for the Dark Horses on Thursday but he was one. He has the ball in his hands for a good amount of time and his ability to score the ball is solid. The amount of work that he has to do on a nightly basis is tough, and he has to put up massive numbers for them to be successful.

71st HS Senior Guard Thomas Hendricks: He still seems like he is getting use to the new school and system but we saw some flashes of his old self recently. Scoring the ball at a decent rate, his shot is not falling as much as he would like but he’s getting some decent looks.

South View HS Senior Guard Kevin Garcia: The ball handling responsibilities were on his shoulders quite a bit, he was solid with the ball and didn’t rush things. Knocking down the deep ball and getting into the paint to draw fouls are both areas where we saw him be successful.

South View HS Senior Christian Locklear: Didn’t have his best showing but plays with a high motor and is constantly active on the court. Where he excels is getting out into transition, using his speed to make plays.

Cape Fear HS 2019 Wing Chase Dawkins: Knock down shooter from deep that helped his team come back and almost send the game to overtime. He is a three point specialist and is the type of player that understands his role and what he does best for the team.

Middle Creek Senior Guard Brandon Kiaku: We like the toughness that he plays the game with, can play through contact and applies nice pressure on the defensive side of the court. Was a solid scorer and rebounder for his squad throughout the day, finished with 11 points and 4 boards.