Posted On: 12/24/18 11:08 AM

This year’s Granite City Classic is three full days of basketball, 32 games played between St. Cloud Apollo and St. Cloud State.  Here are the top 25 players to see at the event!

Michael Foster of Milwaukee Washington.  Foster is the fifth ranked sophomore in the nation compiling offers from Kansas, UCLA, Wake Forest, UNLV, Texas A&M, Marquette, LSU, and Arizona State among others. Foster is scoring 21.6 points per game so far this season. 

Dawson Garcia of Prior Lake.  The nationally ranked top 30 junior with offers from Texas, Minnesota, Ohio State, Purdue, Wisconsin, Rutgers, Marquette, Butler, Baylor, and many others. Garcia is scoring 30.2 points per game for the second ranked Prior Lake team.  Garcia has faced many top challenges this winter already and has played well in all of them.

Dain Dainja of Park Center.  A nationally ranked top 75 big with offers from Minnesota, Georgetown, Baylor, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Iowa State, Marquette, Pitt, West Virginia, Texas A&M, Northern Western, and others. Dainja is scoring 16.7 points per game for the number one ranked Pirates who are 6-0. 

Deontay Long of Milwaukee Washington.  Long is widely considered to be the most talented senior in the state of Wisconsin.  Long is scoring 18 a game and is an interesting talent to keep track of because of his talent and because he has been constantly talked about for many reasons. 

Quyavant Douglas of Brooklyn Center.  Douglas is scoring 18 a game and is considered by many to be the best 8th grade player in the state of Minnesota. Douglas is a 6-foot-1 explosive guard. 

Riley Mahlman of Lakeville South.  Mahlman has several major conference football offers but is also the 4th ranked sophomore basketball player in the state. Mahlman has football offers from Minnesota, Northwestern, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. 

Davon Townley Jr of Minneapolis North.  The fifth ranked sophomore in the state of Minnesota lists at 6-foot-7 as a power forward and he’s one of several Polars averaging in double figures. 

Willie Wilson of Minneapolis North.  One of the elite five freshman in the state of Minnesota, Wilson is giving the second ranked Polars four baskets a contest. 

Robert Jones of Prior Lake.  The Lakers center that has signed with Denver University at the D1 level. Jones is giving the second ranked Lakers 12 points and 12 rebounds a contest. 

Reid Patterson of Lakeville South.  Patterson leads South in scoring at 17.3 a game and is considered a top ten sophomore, a D1 shooter.

Cameron Steele of Minnetonka.  The 6-foot-8 Steele has several D2 offers and is getting many D1 looks as a skilled top 20 junior in the state. Cameronka leads the 4-2 Skippers with 25.8 points per game. 

Bennett Otto of Champlin Park.  Bennett is a top 20 senior in Minnesota who is committed to Augustana. Otto has the Rebels ranked 6th in the state while scoring 17.8 points per game. 

Tommy Chatman Jr of Park Center.  Chatman has six NSIC offers and is hearing from D1 schools as well.  Chatman is scoring between 12-13 points a game. 

Detavius Frierson of Park Center.  Frierson is an athletic Park Center forward who is a top 20 level junior in Minnesota. Frierson is scoring 11.2 points per game for the number one team in state. 

Logan Nagorski of Big Lake.  Big Lake is 4-2 on the year with the 6-foot-5 Nagorski scoring 22.8 points a game.  Logan is a small forward signed with University of Mary.

Jared Rainey of Maple Grove. The Crimson senior leader is scoring 20 points a contest with 5.2 rebounds and 4 assists a game. 

Austin Jentzen of STMA.  The D2 offered frontcourt battler has helped a balanced STMA team to 4-1 on the season.  Jentzen is one of two STMA players averaging double digits. 

Francis Nwaokorie of Champlin Park. Francis is a sophomore center scoring a dozen a game for the Rebels who are ranked 6th in the state. 

Jalen Justice of Robbinsdale Cooper.  Guard committed to D2 Pittsburgh State, Justice has Cooper ranked 10th in the state scoring between 10-11 points a contest. 

Alex John of Champlin Park.  John is leading the team in blocks and boards, plus scoring four baskets for the 6th ranked Rebels. 

Sam Nissen of Prior Lake.  Nissen is one of the better shooters and better available seniors in the state.  Nissen is scoring 12 a game for the second ranked Prior Lake team. 

Deng Diew of St. Cloud Apollo.  The Eagles big is the leading rebounder and second leading scorer for a talented and improved Apollo team. 

Khari Broadway of Park Center.  Broadway is the fourth leading scorer for the number one team in the state. Broadway is a top 35 level senior in Minnesota. 

Eli Campbell of Minneapolis North.  The North senior is leading the Polars in scoring with 16 game.  Campbell has the Polars at second in state. 

Michael Gravelle of St. Cloud Apollo. Gravelle is the pace pushing, hard working Apollo guard scoring nearly 18 points a contest. 

Derek Techam and Trey Longstreet of Delano. The defending champs are 4-1 on the year with Techam scoring 21.2 points a contest and Longstreet – a sophomore – scoring 15 a game.